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Whew, child where y’all been? After the conversation we had last night, I felt like let me write about it because in the black community it seems as if when it comes to these topics at times, we can lack some form of emotional ignorance towards people going through their storms. Now I am not saying that it's okay to allow addiction to take control of your life but for some people addictions can be greater than just getting high. It’s a form of escapism to run away from life or what is presently going on at the time. I don’t think nobody wakes up and decides and say today is going to be the day that I choose addictions and lose my home, car, wife, husband, kids, and lover. No, if they thought that was going to happen do you think they would’ve done that shit hell no. For me with the new age drug addicts I really think we are carrying our parent's generational debt. The misconception of drugs and what it can do and the demonization of substances has led some people to throw shame and not allow people the proper place to be understanding of what a person is going through.

Everybody isn’t going to be saved, some people are the examples we need to see so they can teach the next generation and for us to learn from the mistakes they made without judgement. A person that fucked up can teach you something because they are and have made the mistakes you don’t want to make at some point in life. Addiction is a tricky subject because if you ask a weed head do, they struggle with addiction” THEY’LL SAY HELL NO, NIGGA I SMOKE WEED EVERYDAY ALL DAY!” Like nigga do you hear you? Addiction- is to have a thing, place, or idea that you can or cannot go without for a long periodically, time. YES I WROTE THAT CORRECT! So, to some they feel they don’t struggle or identify with this because they don’t quote on quote struggle with the hard-core stuff, but they have them mood swings like a nigga on hard core substance. A lot of the time people have the misconception that they have to save someone from ruining themselves because they feel that this person feels bad about themselves. I’m sorry baby y’all ain’t met none of the jays I done seen before them some of the most confident niggas I done met in my life.

They know they on they dope they just have become accustomed to a certain reality that society painted them as that. They have no time to have no shame in hiding who they are for you. Because if you gone say it behind my back why not flaunt in your face regardless of what you think is wrong. A lot of time spite for spite keeps some people caught up in cycles that no longer fit them. You don’t know the countless times I have found myself dragging something out in my life on because people only saw the negative and not me. It was when the voices of others became quiter that I realized that I started to see things differently. I believe in the term that a fool gone be fool and to correct one is to become one. It's not to say sit on the sidelines and watch someone ruin themselves but knowing timing and where they are mentally can help you a lot while you are dealing with people who are struggling with letting things, people, places, habits, and ideas go.

Just because you think, an addiction is something that is bad and it makes people lose control of themselves doesn’t mean that they are helpless individuals. This is why some people don’t get sober until they are ready, or life shows them that. You have to understand that they know when they get tired, and they will let you know when they are ready to get sober. Some people do not adjust well with the threats of I’m going to take this away from you or stop you from doing this. Baby, in they mind you already don’t care about them so you just looking for a reason to leave them alone anyway. In their mind they don’t see that they are hurting you because life either gave up on them or someone they love walked away a long time ago before you came in the picture. A lot of those 60’s and 50’s baby who got on dope was like new generation party, clubbing, drinking, and prostituting trying to make a way out of they situations. Some people weren't dealt with the best hand and having close minded ass parents who just wanted them to work to make someone else happy was not gone cut it.

They weren’t dream nourishers they only cared about surviving and trying to stay out the way of a malicious cycle of racism and systematic oppression. Life at the time only favored men and they ran with it and for some black men they didn’t care how hard they had to work just as long as they were keeping the bloodline alive. So, the pushed these agendas down onto other men with the belief that this is empowering when actually reality it was toxic as hell and kept people suppressed in emotional state. Toxic men been a thing baby, men been pushing they agendas and trying to run over women for years to get us to do what they want us to do. Why, you think these new niggas in the cycle of hating hoes because they tired of looking at the monsters, they created within themselves. This is why side bitches don’t bang like that and multiple partners don’t work like that anymore. Because it’s all made in the form of running from a problem to creating a new problem.

Gen Z collective is sensitive as fuck, but have you seen the older generation get in they feelings about love when they don’t even know what love is and try to go around teaching it to us. Like generally feedback is deemed as disrespectful when you basically just letting them know about how you feel about something. And they wonder why the new upcoming younger women of the generation can’t keep a man or even get one. Like who the hell we learn these nasty ass traits from when it comes to being a woman. The sky, a frog, or let me guess the TV did all of this by themselves. Moral of the story a lot of those addicts didn’t get the chance to live the way we live this day and age. To walk freely in a room amongst people of different nationalities and coexist peacefully. They didn’t get the option of embracing their femineity without having a man labeled as a husband to deem them as an appropriate person of society and the same goes for men as well.

You couldn’t explore your sexuality because you had to be a certain way because it was a competition, a goal, or a dream to keep the black lineage alive because death was marked on our doors before, we had a chance to live. And for people who are expected to perform every day such as being doctors, lawyers, police officers, and teachers' social pressure can be a lot for some people and at times it’s not the nicest to be able to perform up under it. Because no matter what, someone is always expectant of you regardless of what you have going on. So, some people who wanted to look for a way out chose a way out and with that out it came with shame, pain, hurt, disgust, and even defeat. So, again I say nobody chooses to be an addict when social pressure is on the rise.

Some people got there by people who wanted to take control of them and steal their innocence. You know that light of hope in a person's eyes that shows up no matter how many times life tries to knock them down. That’s what people wanted it because no matter the fanciest life they live or act as a normal human they wanted the power to crush them like life crushed them in many ways. Addiction ain’t always a drug sometimes it's an emotion or the choices you continue to keep making.



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