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Now this blog maybe a quick recap of what I posted about two years ago so I'll just link it below for references purposes. If you see any grammatical errors let me know so I can go back and change it but if not make it damn word and move right on along. Relationship Interferences (

How is your love life serving you in this economy if it isn’t the constant think pieces, obsessed with your ex, I can't find love but I have time for sex, or the placeholding individuals. You know the people that don’t want you but they want to hold onto you until they find something better. How is your dating life going like seriously? Everybody knows my rule coach don’t play the games so how are you really doing? Is it boring, is it hot and cold, or do you feel that half of society is brain washed and not in a Hotep manner. Like the fact people are unable to put their phone down and go outside and just live their life to figure out what works for them. Now, I am not saying that you can’t take pictures and enjoy the moment and keep memories. No, I am saying that we spend half of our days on social media and consumed with other people lives that sometimes we forget that we have one of our own life to live.

It's not malicious but the way we watch and support other individuals we don't recognize the cords, attachments, and emotional fixes that they do for us? Do you follow people for motivation or is it because you desire this for yourself? Is it a manifesting tip, if so, have you knocked off any goal that it is that you wanted to achieve by following such individuals? And for my people who don’t like certain people why do you follow them have you figured out what is it that you are drawn to about those individuals that you can't seem to let go of? Now, somebody in the world right now maybe saying Marshae how he hell this has to do with my love life. A lot, if I was to ask you anything about yourself that it is that you wanted right now connected to love without shame, judgement, and ridicule could you answer this without feeling like you have mimicked what you have heard on social media. To me social media is nothing but the old folks you know how they used to sit up and tell us don’t do this and don’t do that until they get exposed for not being that right.

And we take social media seriously sometimes because it easy to distort the mind right. While for others we take it as entertainment and sometimes that entertainment can turn into out emotional patterning really quick to where we have to say hold on hoe let me get my shit together. See, the thing for me people act as if love is none existent when it is all around you, it’s how you see it and it doesn’t need a microscopic lens. Contrary to other people's popular beliefs, people who constantly have to scrutinize something genuinely feel a state of discomfort with themselves. Now, I am not talking about something that you don’t like but the things you don’t know if you like because you haven’t made it that far on your journey with you. I do believe in loving yourself before you go in get into a relationship with someone. Meanwhile for others there are people who come into your life to teach you to open up to the art of love. Like healers, teachers, preachers, shamans, doctors, lawyers, police man, fireman, heroes, villains, and even parents, “right”. Now everybody who has been casted this role in life doesn’t make them a good fit for the role. But in this fairytale that does exist in this world there are people who mean you no harm.

But it gets hard at times because when love is underappreciated and denoted to just being in a relationship, procreation, and marriage. We really do our self a disservice because we miss out on genuine people or the simple moments in life because we can become so selfish the older, we get. See, we think peace is about being able to just embody it at home when it should be in the places we seek solace in like clubs, vacation, sets, social media, flings, jobs, careers, friends, and family. But how can you when you have so many loud mouths with closed minds it’s like where are the safe spaces for anyone anymore. It's quite said because woman have become the new men you show them any emotional maturity and think they have found the one and is ready to jump your bones. Don’t get to ahead of yourself men because some of y’all still do this too.

And it’s crazy because no wants to break the mold but they feel like people who carry a compassionate spirit is supposed to allow toxicity in all of the time. Now being a sane person in order to survive in this shit economy you need the good with the bad but, when you have people are dead set on being bad child run to the fucking hill, click your heels three times, and say there no place like home and get the hell out of dodge. Because if you let them, they will ruin your fucking life in two shakes of a dime, don’t say I didn’t warn you but hey a good time was and is will always be a good time, if you know what I mean. Wink, wink. But for other people who are struggling in this day and age with dating in this day and age, I am sad to say you gone have to put the phone down.

Now dating on social media is cool and all but if you don’t do back ground checks on people and know who the hell you talking to them catfish people will get you. You know the girl/guy that ever takes accountability in their relationship and everybody is the problem. The nigga that doesn’t trust because he has been through too much, like nigga what the hell is a therapist for. The girl that is jaded all of the time that thinks it is cute to have people chase them all of time. And then have the nerve to wonder why they are lonely like ma’am some people got respiratory issues don’t nobody got time to be going through alley hoops to get you. Don't nobody play D1 in this bitch we regular people trying to live and getting old at that. I find it quite saddening how people have allowed people who are scared to live out loud limit their state of mind to what love is.

Like I don’t know what was your childhood like, what are your goals, what's your favorite color, past time memories, and why you do things that doesn't makes sense to me but it makes you happy. But how you can ever get there when everybody has a lot to lose but they keep making the same mistakes like, make this shit make sense. I thought half way through this was going to relate to that other blog, baby this shit didn’t but for my people who looking for love. Don’t forget to look for it in you because those days when you need it the most it be in those small spaces inside you that you seem to just speed over because we are taught to go out and find it in others.


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