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Dark Knight of The Soul

Dark Knight of The Soul

I wrote about this previously before so if this message sounds familiar or not the second one may resonate more than this one. I also inserted a tarot spread I did on the Scorpio monthly check in and it highlighted the shadow and re-birthing period.

Feel free to check them out if you already have go back and listen take notes and ask yourself what stood out the most. If there is any question feel free to ask I try my best to help when I can. And when you go over there can subscribe to my channel I don’t care if you 3 I need that view honey.

Now let’s get into the blog. I mentioned that last year was one of the most powerful spiritual awakenings that we as a collective could’ve went through. It was an experience that affected many in different ways, but it showed all of us that we are not alone. In the way we think, the things we do, the lies we tell ourselves, how human we truly are, and how we self-sabotage from time to time.

It was a time for us to get our ducks in a row and to see what is really calling to us, and with this year picking up slow but while moving fast it seems like time is something we cannot compete with. No matter how hard we try to control it. While being in quarantine a lot of people grew while some was still trying to find a way to escape ourselves. And in that way, we found ourselves hanging out with old friends, trying to do things we never done before, and trusting people we never should’ve trust.

Y’all remember because I won’t let you guys forget about that lady that did a spread on how our inner narcissism was going to be highlighted this year. I furthermore went into explaining and giving examples on how people were buying all the tissue up, buying all the foods, people jacking prices up like we weren’t scrambling for the money, and the rich seeing that their money couldn’t get business owners to do anything because they feared for their life.

While the people on the bottom came up and still coming up with ways to make money and get the recognition for their skill set, they possess. Meanwhile the church was closed, spiritual groups started growing bigger because of people lack of faith in their deity, and magic became a thing. And for those who are spiritual know the dark knight is nothing to play. It’s a time that comes in a person life that allows them to self-reflect on the things they have done and how they have gone against their core nature.

It is where we experience our own karma internally and externally. It is where we have to learn to be gracious with ourselves as much as we want it from others. It the place that teaches us strength when all we want to do is to give. It is the process that teaches our souls to grow and to become more intune with our inner wisdom and the wisdom we receive from others.

The dark knight of the soul is also where most lose faith in themselves, their God’s, Goddesses, and life because sometimes the pain can be so unbearable. It can feel like we are depressed when truly it is ourselves that is yearning for the attention, we give others. Not the normal me time breaks we take when get off our jobs and careers. The dark knight of the soul is really the time where the emotional matters of heart shows us how it holds us back and what really needs to be changed so we can evolve.

But many don’t because in those time where they feel like they want to give up the shadow kicks in and finds a way to make away for you to survive those trying times. Whether it be drugs, sex, money, avoidance, collecting karma, hanging out with those who don’t serve you, and falling in love with people from a state of lack. Baby, everybody wanna do magic but don’t nobody want to ascend funny right. Because spirituality ain’t even about magic it’s just a cultural difference in practice. Magic ain’t for everybody while for some magic is calling their name.

In Pisces season I said that some people were being initiated to go in to the dark night and it may last until May while some will stay until Leo season. I know some of y’all are like bitch did you just read what you wrote and then saying I have to stay there until Leo season, yes. I know it sucks but at the same time if those who are applying the work to their lives it won’t feel like a burden on you. Because if you are using the method, I spend six months stocking and 6 months cleaning out then there is an internal and external shift that is going on in with in you.

The goal of the dark knight isn’t to always come out with some new exciting gifts. No, it’s the self-appreciation and internal dialogue that goes on that shows others how to be a better them. Remember when you change the things around you change as well. Whether it be for good or bad.


If you feel like life is getting hard and you can’t find a way out, seek out counsel. Whether it is a spiritual advisor, psychiatrist, therapist, counselor, preacher, mental health associates, and family. Everybody comes to a point in there life where it seems like the darkness seems outshine the light. It’s just how we work to get through those dark times.

And reason the I placed family last because when most go through an awakening and depending on how knowledgeable your family is they can also hinder your growth. Because that is a time where people feel like they are crazy when they truly are not.

National Suicide Hotline


Credit for Picture Kathy Zyduck

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