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Someone may be trying to slow you down from getting things down and baby spirit let this person go because you got work baby. That's literally the song coming across by the Isley Brothers. It’s like everytime you muster up some strength to do the things you need to do, here comes this sapsucker right there trying to steal energy or even your moment. When you're supposed to be out here moving and grooving, and having the time of your life. It’s time to do some in house check offs and say baby you got to go. Because the energy is light, fun, flowy and you don’t have time to be dealing with things, people, and places that weigh you down. The fool card is up and it's time to get the things you need done because whoever this is you have been procrastinating for the longest on things. Now, I don’t know if you have any obligations you have to fulfill but time is up. Get to it.

This could be signing that lease so you can move on out of that house, planning that vacation you've been saying you were going to plan for the longest because those ticket prices might be changing, enrolling into school, and finally breaking up with that ex or cutting off that sex buddy. Whoever this probably doesn't shit for you no way. Hear me out before you go off trying to bite my head off. The knight of cup in reverse, the six of pentacles in reversed, and the eight of wands in reversed. Baby, if this isn’t the whole reading I don’t know what to tell you because there is a power dynamic going on between you and this person. A lot of the things they or you want out of life is based on their needs all of the time. If you feel like hanging back relaxing then do that. Because whoever this is that has a burst of energy all of the time is draining.

This is like saying you want to go somewhere getting all dressed up and not knowing where you are going to go only to argue about where you are going to go. And for others this happens all of the time to the point you end up not doing the things you said you were going to do in the first place. It might be their distraction tactic they pull out all of the time. It’s like I push you pull it’s like there is this friction that goes on between you two that made lead to chaos. Because somebody's partner likes to take advantage of their passive ways by using aggressions all of the time. Please revert yourself to my Mercury in Scorpio blog to where their power shift dynamics is old. All ima say is stop giving into childish ass behaviors and allow this person to grow up. They are grown enough to ask for sex they are grown enough to communicate instead of acting like a child all of the time.

I don’t know who needs to hear this but child, choose you this time and go live in peace because the energy is there. It's just that this person is trying to make you feel guilty for it. For bringing up emotional things and their feelings. So, they are going to feel like you are against them when they been against themselves this whole time. BYE!!!!!!!!!




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