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Daily Inspirational Message

Daily Inspirational Message:

Deck Used: Moonology A New Romantic Cycle Begins

Seems like love has been trouble in paradise, you can’t seem to win or lose in this state of the connection. Now it could be due interpersonal reasons such as; how someone was raised, a block in finances, children, help around the house, and just a loss of energy. Now in some people relationships this can be a challenge and even cause a breakup because this day and age one wrong move and baby you out. And we wonder why we yearn for our exes and sing the could've, should've, would’ve paradigm because we never give people a chance to learn us, learn from their mistakes, or even learn from them. Love is something that can be dangerous because it unlocks a vulnerability that we sometimes have yet to meet ourselves with. So, it can be challenging because when we are able to share ourselves with other people so easily it can become overwhelming because we can lose ourselves in love. That we when we realize that life is moving and everybody seems to be growing, we can find ourselves looking from the outside in on other people's situations.

Thinking you could do this or that time is against you evolving and this can create disruption in the connection you have with a partner. Causing you to focus on self detriment instead of accessing where it is you stand in life. See nobody is scared of love they are scared of the way that they can get lost in it. Because love has no dimension, it has no bounds, it is limitless, it strives when there is no need for it to progress, and it accepts the things we lack about ourselves in the social construct we call life and that can be challenging. When we have people saying don’t do this, don't do that, this person is ugly, this person is poor, or this person is unfit for love. When love has no gender, no shape, no size, race, or no biasness she basically has just a name. She doesn't even have a human form. That, is humans who create the narrative of what they feel love is more acceptable to them because of the things they have learned from their experiences or mirrored experiences from environmental factors.

So we create labels on things and mask it as love and wait for society to accept what we think is deemable for all as mankind. Shits ass if you ask me. Because who am I to say that you are not designed for love because you know my old saying if a serial killer, a drug cheater, and serial cheater can experience love then why can’t you. It’s just that you haven’t created the time to allow love into your life and to be open enough to go out and get it. So, you plague yourself with the idea and identity of what you think is more appropriate for love instead of being it. Being in love is simple. It’s just managing boundaries, maintaining financial stability, taking care of your children, keeping your kinfolks out of your business, showing up for friends, and keeping with things that outside of your world love is a lot. When we raise kids to be selfless without discovering the desires of what they need we create tyrants. People who latch onto the idea that I did this so I should expect this from people. When life is the complete opposite.

Love is teaching someone the truth, to be fearless, to stand in power, and honing in on your own strengths in a world were we are made to be more than number in this cosmic design. The truth of the matter is love isn’t complicated, it's you not loving you that makes love a battlefield and a spiritual conquest. This does not negate the fact that you won’t run into suitors who aren’t good enough for you, or take away the fact that you won’t always be so loving for you, and my favorite one you won’t get your heart broken? Because when have you known LOVE to be kind all of the time? To actually embrace and experience love you have to have some form of discipline. Within, the mind, body, and spirit. To make a conscious decision requires more than effort; it requires some form of tranquility that some people rarely possess. Even as I say that I find that shit awkward even if it's the truth or some form of it.

Moral of the story you can’t find peace in something you don't want peace in. Taking pieces of the story you have created and giving it a life of its own want even bring the closure you need in chapters that have been long closed. So, you can keep taking the baggage of the past with you into your new connection or your new cycle of love with the same love interest if you want too. But I think I would be right there with Ma’at pushing some shit off of the clip when the spirit is leading me too. Because times is hard and love is lacking. You are either going to allow the spirit of love to change you for better or worse. Remember the choice is always yours.


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