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Daily Inspirational Message


Yumiko Kurahashi

Change is something that we all yearn for but in reality it causes a major setback in the person who we used to be. Someone doesn't want to accept that a chapter has closed and they are begging the universe for it to be back open. The more this person does this they become engulfed more into the darkness because they are yearning for a reality to exist because they don’t want to grow up. It could’ve been a time when someone was happy but now that they are pissed. It is because they have eaten too much of their own food. Meaning this individual got too accustomed to getting instead of taking recognition of what was going on so they found themselves caught in a karmic cycle with life. It’s like the jock who is so busy chasing the glory years that they don't take into account the people, places, things, and ideas they have ruined along the way. I heard get out of the way because the fall will be just as big as the pride they exude.

And some of y’all are slowing down someone's karma by being in the way and constantly participating in lower root chakra activities. Some of y’all are starting to catch on to the things in your life that are coming up missing like joy and for some it’s stability. It doesn't have to be money but for someone it is. Someone hasn't been managing their time properly because they have been so engulfed into someone else's drama that they are about to look up and life is right there just smiling and laughing. And now they have to coexist with living and finding time to get their affairs in order because the time they have put into someone else's problems has outweighed the time they have put into themselves. Really it's just the reality someone has adapted too because of the people they have been around. It’s like someone has to deprogram themselves from all of the funk and spiritual waste that has been on someone in order to get back right in life again.

And let me tell you as a mother when I lacked boundaries with my child and other people's children I found myself exhausted. Until I turned around and said no more. I felt a little guilty but after a while seeing I was happy and I was okay with the way I handled challenges. Life became easier for me. And this is something that this person has to learn. They are either going to continue on doing the same things until they are left alone in a room by themselves. Someone's ego is massive so they have to learn that they have to play well with others and also compromise not when they want something but when others want it too. So, you can keep letting them strut their stuff in your life. This is just a reminder that you can’t save them because I keep hearing Project Pat she don't want to be saved.

WATER: It’s time to move or remove yourself from a group endeavor. Someone has this tyrannical approach in a live-in situation that is blananty getting out of hand. It's the what's mines is yours and what is mines is mine. This person likes to go through other people's things and remove things that do not belong to them. You could be dealing with a sticky fingers who likes to lie about stealing things from other people. And you may taking someone to court for this or you are going to court behind this. This could have something to do with a home, a faltered lease, theft of property, or forgery. Whoever the tenant is, they feel like they shouldn't have to leave when they know they are in the wrong. I see some people just walking away while someone is just tearing up shit. Not knowing they are going to have to replace what they damaged. And depending on the fine you may be issued some jail time too. Because this is something that someone wanted to damage,the property after being called out for stealing something that isn’t theirs. Legal fees may be tearing someone's ass up right now and it has someone in the energy that they don't know if they are coming or going. Because everytime they turn around some money is coming out of their damn pocket. I heard someone needs to think before they speak and do because you are making a situation worse. I heard jealousy doesn't look good on you. With this behavior you are going to push this person right out of your life. Read the top message again, because one of y’all are in that energy real strong.

FIRE: Someone may have been a survivor of a house fire or a car wreck because I heard through the fire by Kanye West. It could be someone with determination to get themselves out of a challenging time and it requires all your energy. Someone may be in the energy of eating, sleeping, and shitting. Because whatever you got yourself into it is taking all of your strength to get your ass out of. This could be a second chance at life and someone has a point to prove. I’m hearing whoa there nelly slow down because you're about to put the cart before the horse again. Carrying on that same luggage to a new destination. Someone needs to check their gps and go through some bags like a TSA check because somebody that's riding with you ain’t riding with you. And for some of you fire signs you have been in some cut off energy and you are like who do I have to cut off now? Look over to your left. Metaphorically, mentally, spiritually, or physically because it’s still one scragller in the mix. It’s like someone is in the energy of not being alone that they are not recognizing that this season is personal because some of the goals that you have to obtain are for you. This doesn't mean you won’t have family, friends, associates, and comrades visiting you on the journey. But it is time someone learns the lesson of being at peace with themselves without the need of other nouns validating who and where you are on your journey.

EARTH: Somebody needs to drop this victim mentality because it is getting old as hell. And when I say it’s old, it's old before it even starts. This could be someone who always has another trick up their damn sleeves. It's like if you don't get yo ass somewhere and sit down. Whoever this is, is dragging something out by the minute and it is exhausting. It’s Like a 5k race that is happening and everybody is waiting for you because you want to stop at every damn water stop and then go to the porta potty. I’m hearing just give up so we all can move on. If their is healing that needs to happen someone just isn't going along. Some of yall need to start asking why have you been adjusting and going along with the going along for so damn long is my question. Because somebody is hiding something and y’all about to miss that because you too busy focusing on some bullshit that doesn't even matter at this time. It could be that the spirit has been trying to alert you of the agendas of someone around you or that's close to you. It gives hidden enemies, sleeping with the enemy, and secret agendas that are going on. Someone has been partying with the enemy and they are about to find out the hard way. The way this ten of swords sitting on this table. Somebody isn't even going to be able to sleep because they keep racking their brain with how the hell I let this happen or why didn't I know. Well it’s because someone has been bored with their day to day routine life thinking the hanged man position was a curse. When it really was spirit trying to clear the way for some of y'all because y’all are hard headed. So, the time spirit was trying to get you to focus and re-prioritize yo ass was like nah this shit too boring. Let me do something else and this is how you got caught up into some shit. For some, somebody maybe losing a job, getting demoted, or losing the trust of someone that is close to them. Possibly even idolized them a bit.

AIR: If you keep leaving every time you are about to be finished you can’t get mad when you keep picking up where you left off at. For others, spirit may be telling you to block somebody because the conversations be dry as hell anyway. It’s like you always have to make the conversation flow and that is annoying you. Some of y’all in the energy of saying I can talk to my damn self because whoever this is isn’t listening anyway if ain’t about them. No way. This person continuously repeats the same things either they are constantly doing the same damn things or they keep bringing up shit from the past. I’m hearing I agree to disagree because some of y’all don’t feel the way this person feels about an issue, standpoint, belief system, or the drama that's going on. Someone may not be understanding the timing so they come off as off putting to other people because it isn't the time or the place to be having certain conversations. This is someone that may lack empathy. You may be dealing with someone who will know you have just lost someone and turn around and say what is that you wanted to tell me. No care for who just died, not a lack of empathy for you, just wanting to know what they want to know right then and there. And then they will be pissed off too, like you offended the hell out of them because they ass be all over the place. You may be dealing with someone who feels they are a professional in area of their life, so they walk around criticizing other people all of the time. Preferably just you because they feel like you have nothing that is original about you. It’s the heard it all before syndrome and this person may not be open to getting to know you. Well at least you know, now you want have to rack your brain with the idea of thinking if they like you or not.


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