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Daily Inspirational Message

In order to focus it requires some form of intentions. So, that means that somebody has to have a plan in mind when it comes to achieving a goal. This could show up as you repriortizing your life. Sometimes you have start with decluttering some people, places, and things that take too much of you away from you. Some people don't realize how much some people take away from them until the only time you have to prioritize you is when you have special appointments such the doctor office, the hair appointment, the nail appointment, the barber, getting an oil change, and going to work.

Now someone may argue and say there is nothing wrong with that, but when it becomes your only way to escape life then it is time to tell some people places and things good bye. Ask yourself how many times you said you were going to do a simple task and what stopped you from accomplishing it. Was it a phone call, an outing, a friend, or a family member that delayed you from this? If so what is your response to this? Do you go right out and blame them? Or do you start to take note of the things you do and a panic kicks in every time you are around them because you know you have been procrastinating in areas of life?

So, the connection you have with someone starts to become a chore. You'll find yourself finding fault within that person and blaming them internally because you feel they have more power over you than you. And if you are with people who do not honor you in your darkest hour this may have been a challenge in some connections in your life. Why do you think the retrograde doing y'all so bad? Because y'all keep saying you are going to do something only for it to remind you of the things you are not and what you don't need anymore. So, you take this as temptation only to take the bait once more again because you feel that this is what the universe wants for you.

When it is screaming the complete opposite. In the words of the old folks if somebody get mad because you finally choosed you then that person was never really for you.

Prayers that's been waiting to be prayed!


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