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Daily Inspirational Message

I AM WILLINNG TONLET GO, and Life is simple and easy.

I guess this week it's all about getting it out of your system now this could some people going on cleanse whether that is spiritual, pyshical, mental, and emotional. For those who are doing pyshcial cleanse I'm hearing watch your bowel and stay hydrated along the way. Now for others who are prone to take back a toxic an ex, struggling with addiction, or unhealthy behavior pattern this does not mean go back and do it again. Some of you don't have self restraint to stop yourself from doing the same things over and over again. So, you'll do yourself a disadvantage by doing the same things because you'll expect some result you may not get.

It's time to just let it fly and just be what it is supposed to be. Is it me or does the matrix feels like it is lagging or some. Now this could be do to a lot of people who don't want to energetically shift because they feel it isn't no reward in it. I'm here to tell you that you are the real reward. If someone always has to make something seems enticing for you to get you to change just know you may struggle with some form of people pleasing and following the crowd. Where do you begin and where do they end is a question you make ask yourself often?

You may even think that you are easily displeased but do you know your learning method. A lot of people have denoted spirituality to just speaking engagements and motivational speaking. Baby, that preaching carry your ass to church or get a life coach. And that probably still won't help if you don't how you learn. Was there any language barrier for you as a kid, was boundaries hard to establish, do your emotional needs to need to be meet in order to receive information , do you know how you affect the people you come in contact with, and are you a smidge bit self aware of how people respond to you?

If not finding a way to let go and counselor maybe a struggle and you maybe more prone to do things just because it seems right and not what feels good to your mind, body, and spirit. Now this doesn't mean to become a rule breaker but to see how do things serve you at this time. It's learning the difference between selfish and selfless. How do you know when to give and when to take? What is it that you truly want? Ima keep it bean some of you need to start at inner child healing because this will have you see how you relate to others? Because you still have some of the relationships from your childhood playing out.

Now this doesn't mean that you and so and so are still cool. It's just how you interact with people . Maybe you are to rose colored when it comes to inviting people into your life when you don't know their intentions. Which is perfectly fine but without having proper boundaries you'll wreak havoc in your affairs. You'll end up being and feeling alone because you don't know when to quit when it comes to things in life. It's this rinse, wash, cycle, and repeat. Moral of the story what is it that is playing out for you for the umptenth time that is screaming at you from the rooftops saying let me get my ass up and get over this. I don't know if you have to move it or move away from them but something is screaming from the spirit realms to change.


THIS MESSAGE IS BROUGHT TO YOU BY, A nigga that's on a mission. Asé

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