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Daily Inspirational Message


Question it because something doesn't feel right in a situation. For others you may more now in an energy of speaking about the things you want and need out of life. If you don't like it, it doesn't mean that you have to take it. Now this could be a gift or this is something someone is trying to force on you; a state of mind, to look at something a certain way, or to believe a lie. It doesn't mean to argue and get downright dirty with someone but something is old tired and run down. It maybe rejection for some because somebody doesn't want to date or take up someone's offer.

Ima keep it bean it really isn't all that it's like the love offer is coming from someone who finally is now seeing your worth and it doesn't feel so good. Now I am not saying that this person isn't genuine but something does feel right. Wait until you are clear to make a decision with or on someone because it's giving a blocked solar plexus on a issue. You may feel like you are being forced to make a decision for some that is the case while for others this is someone who is laying on all of this charm and I don't know if it is going to last.

I just can't quite put a finger on it, it doesn't feel good. I don't know if this person isn't complete or this is that let me settle down because I'm getting old or life is boring for me at this time. Now this could work out for you but for others the love of your is right around the corner and this is a test. I don't think some of you will be unhappy but knowing you could've chose better will eat you up right on down the line. It's like seeing an old flame and they still look good and you looking at your partner like why did I choose you. And this isn't about looks, it's about the way this person makes you feel. It's like this person has this magnetism to them that pull you in with ease.

Like an happy go lucky energy. You know what they say the grass always looks greener on the other side. I don't think this person would cross your boundaries but if you let them they would intrude with all intention to be in a relationship. I don't think they would waste they time to because this is somebody that is sure before they met you. While for others this maybe an anniversary and I'm hearing congratulations. This maybe the day you first met or moments of nostalgia from looking back in the 90's.

Why some of y'all mamas had the hard beehive pin up, with the gold teeth, white Tommy Hilfiger haltered top, and some princess Reebok's on outside by the grill. Your lover might have been in the back. For some of you the person you maybe coming in to a relationship with was in the same place you was but you didn't see them for a reason. It wasn't like this person was hiding but spirit hid them from you and that's how you know this person was for you.

And too keep it a bean your lover maybe your exes friend or they sibling. Yikes they like to peas in a pod and unsepersable at that. Meanwhile y'all have a scorned lover who doesn't want you to experience no love because they never seen your worth. Child, let them just see you in peace because they had they chance and plenty of times to confess they wrongs. If you share a child with this person just gone head and get them people in your business because this is going to be a petty ride if someone doesn't put they pride to the side.


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