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Daily Inspirational Message


Sometimes it's okay to take a step back and say how do I serve this situation or how does this situation serves me? Because we can be focused on forcing an outcome when spirit didn't ask for your input. Sometimes you have to know when to hold and when to fold them because there is dose of self reality kicking in. Somebody maybe in area where they are trying to hard do something, when they aren't paying attention to the fact that they may not be needed in that place.

For my boundary lovers and learners spirit maybe urging you to say no more not out of spite but out of self preservation. Because you have someone who maybe trauma dumping a little too much it's time for someone to be aware of the things that are trying to occupy your attention. Does it serves you or is it a right now situation? The energy of taking is running rampant through the group chat and somebody has to learn to put themselves first. You have too many people around you who is in the energy of need with nothing to give in return.

No, this doesn't mean to look down on people who don't have nothing to give but somebody is taking somebody's kindness for weakness and it needs to be stop. Someone is going to have some hurt feelings but baby remember everything ain't about about them it's about you too. This is a time to recharge yourself. Take your spiritual baths, do your protection work, call back your energy, and get grounded. Spirit has something that is coming for you. It could be downloads, love, support, and influx in clients. So those distractions that is playing out in your life need to be nipped in the bud and moved out of the way. Cut them bushes so you can see who that is , that is coming on your territory because somebody is in imposter energy and it isn't yours to carry.

POSSIBLE ZODIAC SIGNS: CANCER, TAURUS, VIRGO,ARIES, AND GEMINI! It may apply to the zodiac sign or about it. Take it how it apply.



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