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Creative Woes

Is it me or does this season haven’t been seasoning? It seems like the more we try to progress, it doesn’t seem like we are moving at all. Like the time is being thrown off and people are too obsessed with the past. Even the transits that happen don’t even bang like they used to because they are supposed to teach, to correct, humble, redirect, or even destroy certain things and people ain’t given it a chance. I remember at the end of 2020 I said the planetary alignment was off when I seen the world make spirituality become a new trendy hip fix for all of your problems. That they selfish pleas, lack of respect, or time and dedication to the craft threw off the matrix. That it has some form of a cosmic imbalance going on and right before our eyes we see the dark ages of time win and the lightworkers are struggling with humanity. It’s like who cares, no one if you not selling your soul, sacrificing chickens for rituals, casting against people for fun, or doing rituals to call in money you ain’t talking about shit.

For people to be so obsessed with money and power they sholl don’t know it when they see it or can keep it especially when the money comes in. I mean it is taxing you have people believing that they are exempt from karma when they keep experiencing bad luck and it shows up in other peoples live i.e, friends, family, and assoicates. Like how are they so knowledgeable when the souls around them are lacking some form of guidance. It's like control, control, control, and if you don’t fall in line repeat. Well, I'm here to tell you a lot of us don’t want to go along with the crowd because its actually kind of boring. The forced and organizee chaos is so tiring that it is depleting the natural resources. Ask yourself, if you garden how have your plants, herbs, fruits, and vegetables been acting lately. Does it give its vibrant self or is it the lack luster like here nigga ima bare the fruit in a minute. As a person who tries to ground themselves a lot I find myself feeling the energy of the earth and it's kind of displeasing.

It's like the natural connection is being reshifted and rejecting a lot of things because you have some people who really have been messing around with some things and alleged to be God if you know what I mean. I find it quit funny how you have those who play a side now want to run along and come disconnect what works well for all of us. It’s like humans be acting like they ain’t entitled. Like excuse me for wanting all of your time with nothing in return. Like oh, sorry for crossing your spiritual boundaries because I feel entitled. And my favorite let me give you things that don’t work for you and complain that this shit doesnt work for you. Like what the hell is really going on? Lately child, the entitles has been getting on my last nerve dragging around that little piece karma. They be acting like they have to bare half the weight we do.

And the max it be is accountablity, they be acting like it kills them to change they ways. Like hey excuse me sir, ma’am we don’t do that over here. Nope, they ass they run off and get mad and start up spiritual wars and chaos because they mad they haven’t gotten they way. I mean I'm for the old school teaching but some of that stuff was too hardcore, but some people needed them spiritual lessons because they were hard headed as hell. I remember when I used to watch documentaries, listent to elders, and watch people talk about they connection to source as if was magical. You could feel the authencity radiatate off of their skin. The contenment they had with the Most High, like they knew who they were even if they havent healed they just knew what they knew. Some would call it ignorance I called it respect and honor.

Is wasn’t ego it was pride in who they were and what they accomplished, the feeling of being justified in who and what they are. This day and age its all for show, hidden trauma that lack depths, words with no meaning, and glory with no testimony. And to think we are looking for the next generation to save us when they are only worried about saving themselves from the pain that is being bestowed upon them by life. Because us, the adults, and the ones who are now walking with us are to scared and spiritually lazy to do the work. They have become to reliant on what they can do and not what can they do to help us. Nobody wants to pay it forward but they sholl want the glory, the spiritual ascension, abundance, and the trumpet call from the ancestors saying “NIGGA YOU MADE IT”!

It's funny how one little app, mobile device, and technology disconnected us from reality. What it was like to be understood, to have fun, to live, to enjoy the art of privacy, to walk and not run, and just blantantly live in the world we call free. Isn’t that what the birthing process is, to be free and unrestricted from a place where we once supposed to be nurtured. To be able to access this life without a care in the world and take on teachings that was going to help us better along the path of life. But I digress, I’m currentlry trying to figure out whats important to talk about and what is it we have already hinted on. I might do some recaps for the folks who just doing the most. But in all honesty I really don’t want to because the ones that stole my work should’ve did it right so I wouldn’t have too. I am not in the business of redoing my shit for someone who knew they stole my shit.Catch you on the flipside.


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