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Could We Not


First off how you doing? How the hell do we have so many people who talk about the great dealings of spirituality but we have so many people who are spiritually broken. Spirituality isn't about magic, money rituals, making a lover fall in love with you, or doing domination work all the time. It is how we connect to the higher self and create a better understanding with God, Source, or Allah. Now don’t get me wrong the snake oil salesman, herbalist, and healer do serve a purpose but with those walks of life comes a lot of pain and tribulations. We have so many people who want to reap the reward without doing the hard work. Spirituality has become a lazy bitch trend to give off excuses to be mean, distasteful, reliant too much on God, and manipulate people into doing things they wouldn’t want to do.

God, I miss when the collective was Christians because these lazy ass baby witches who keep collecting bad karma and spreading it is disgusting. Baby y’all don’t know the half of what is going behind these so call cult witchy shit. Half of the time these people don’t even be a cult it just be a group of hurt adults holding onto inner child trauma trying to teach other people how to fuck up their life. The fruits they bare is disgusting because they curse, they bloodline by hanging with the wrong people and doing rituals at the wrong time. It has become a contest for clout and to be seen as influential and to be next celebrity voice of reason when all they breed is chaos. Now I’m not against those people who need people to help guide them on their path towards the light. But when they just focus on pain and destruction is crazy to me. For the life of me I don’t see how most people don’t know the signs of falling into a cult.

We really have to teach our kids and young adults that fitting in is still a thing no matter how old they get. Depriving somebody of something and calling it bad doesn’t take away the curiosity of the mind, body, and soul. It doesn’t take away the temptation the world has to offer it just breeds it more because we limit the way we explore certain things because we can't do those things. Sometimes you get forewarnings from spirit, elders, and loved ones because they know you aren’t mentally capable of dealing with the blow back. But because you are grown you have the free will to do whatever you want but just know everything has a consequence. And the older you get you start to become set in your ways and start to think that you can’t do no wrong. Says half of the collective when we sit down and talk about our childhood, the reason we cut certain people off, and the way we don’t know how to express ourselves emotionally. Just look at your parents!

I just find myself in complete disgust because I have people who say they are spiritual on YouTube and other platforms who steal my content, lie to my followers, pretend to be me, gave false readings in my name, and tried to sully my fucking name. And all for fucking money, jealously, greed, and feeling like I am not good enough to have what the fuck I have. Baby if that ain’t no motherfucking cult shit where you give up your whole life for someone to make a new one for you. They act like I ain’t build this shit up my damn selves and the kicker is I haven't even hung out with someone of these people. I have said over and over again I just want my money back a public apology to my subscribers, readers, and clique. Guess what they haven't healed a damn thing and all they do is sit and talk about people all fucking day like it’s cute.

They put roots on they clients, glamour on themselves to seem more appealing, and copy off each other and wait in envy on the other to call the shots. What type of little nigga shit is this, they’ll have you fooled like they hold all of this spiritual weight in the spirit realm when they really lost souls playing in black magic. Black magic serves a purpose when it is needed to obtain or a do a job that you can't do when you are doing the work such as; getting a bully off you, removing someone who is pesky off your path, and dealing with your enemies. Your enemies aren't the girl you don’t like at the job because she makes more money than you. Baby that’s hating you are a hater and with hate it is a lesson you are bound to learn one way or another the spirit realm does know how to make some things come around full circle. And for those people who think your magic game strong just remember you are human and have weakness that can be exploited too.

Baby I have seen some of the biggest fall down from having a heart chakra awakening from all the pain they have caused others. Some people even become they own worst enemy from the things they do in the spirit realm. There is a scripture in the Christian bible that says they will leave them to the world. And some people are just getting that no stable relationships, no friends, no happiness, no health, just money, and being mentally poor. Like that sucks to have a human experience like that because you have been a shitty person. You know how them narcissist be doing their victims making you feel as if your life doesn’t matter, they have their days. Them fuckers just won’t show you but behind closed doors they be cups in bottle of gin with no chaser. Regretting the past and trying to come up ways to put on fronts for the world. BUT!

Be cautious when dealing with people these days because some people aren't equipped to handle the role they have took on in the spiritual realm. Everything isn't your fault when you are a baby witch but the choices you make after the mistakes can be the greatest lesson you can ever take on. Start asking people questions about they life before you go off investing into spiritual practices, they may not be for you. You may be at that point in your life where you crave diversity or something different to do. Just be sure to take your cognizance with you.


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