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Cord Cutting

Hello, my spiritual ascending individuals who thirst for more for more knowledge. Well for those of you that know you know what this is going to be about. I want to also insert that I am not going to be explaining how to do a cord cutting ritual because you will not blame me baby. Cord cutting sometimes do not have to do with rituals some it’s just changing the emotional, mental, and physical response i.e. the mind, body, and spirit.

Cord cutting came across while I was doing a spread because of a lot of people who are trying to conceive a baby find themselves holding the place for other people who are already pregnant. For those of you that are empaths you can sometimes find yourself in carrying another person baby spiritually. And sometimes the timing is off because you maybe be trying to birth some new things in your life.

I’m always talking about the balancing of the karmic scales because a lot of times the card can be reversed because a lot of people find themselves in a space of hoarding so no new things can come in. Sometimes its finally releasing a miscarriage into the ethers because you’re still energetically attached to a child that has passed. So that child maybe comforting you and causing blockages in the womb. So, when you are trying to get pregnant you find yourself blessed in other areas instead of a baby.

True story you don’t know how many times people have found themselves conceptually blocked by old thinking and finally when they released the intention that baby came scrolling its way in, they life. But enough of that this blog is not about that. Cord attachments are so slept on because we don’t pay them no mind. We rarely see them in ourselves that other people you are energetically attached too can cause blockages within you.

Just imagine a live circuit sitting on the ground of your house its unattended too. You just moved in a place and don’t have any cable, so you have to wait on the cable man to come. One day you find yourself hooking it to a TV because you got tired that ugly thing hanging out the wall and bam the tv jumps on and the basic cable channel works. Now you may not have the premium package that you payed for, but you get to have the basic until the cable people get there.

Sometimes those attachments have to be released in order to be able to receive the new. Those of you who have cable know sometimes they have to go outside an disconnect the old to plug in the new and that what’s cord cutting is. It isn’t selfish its more like preserving your energy so you can be the best person for you. Others may find it selfish because let me tell you I have cut some off and they were pissed at me because baby they were vamping like a mf.

For those of you that don’t know what vamping is. Its is someone who drains you and depletes you of your energy whether it be financially, emotionally, mentally, or physically they are the definition of a succubus. And that sometimes it can happen to people often who delve in magic and people who work in careers that require you to talk or interact with people a lot. I mean you can develop them electronically if you know what I mean. I mean think about you having a perfectly good day and sitting there watching your fave and lately they have been in mood and every time you watch them your energy shifts. Baby you have developed and attachment.

The word attachment means to have affection, fondness or sympathy for someone. For those you that know about the breakdown we did on sympathy and empathy you know that sympathy is more like a selfish gain. It’s kind of like only going to someone because you know they like you or you like them. You treat them as if they are a substance for you. And some of yall know about substance abuse.

The word fond means to have a hope or believe or foolishly optimistic in other words naïve. I know I hate the word naïve because sometimes you are and the other times you not. But attachments can feel that way think about your favorite thing you love, and you don’t know why but you do baby that is an attachment. Attachment is like when you see a girl/guy chasing someone and wanting to be with them and everybody tells them that it ain’t gone work out, but they still take them back or chase them. Baby that ain’t love that’s and attachment.

And that a monster they’ll have to work hard to destroy because in that moment its out of your hands. It’s kind of like and addiction and baby them withdrawals is something. Having that constant support and always being able to go them will shun your human existence and handicapping you from getting out in the real world and experiencing life. Certain cord attachments sometimes can be demonic, lower vibrations, or downright a negative entity causing blockages in your seed or manifestations.

Sometimes those cord attachments can be a friend, loved one, child, job, career, spell work, boo, bae, sexual encounter, and family. I mean hello have you not heard of generational curses and the pathology of the human behavior.

But let’s get into the demonic aspect though because those of you that know magic or don’t sometimes forget that black magic can do the same. That energy that is being sent to you is to destroy you, you know the old saying the devil comes to steal, kill, and destroy. And that’s what dark magic does it will change your whole mood so just imagine if you’re hanging with someone who is problematic, a cheater, a liar, con artist, or just deceptive what you think you’re going to start to do.

You can either start doing with yourself or doing it others. Now, I’m not saying go lock yourself away from people, but that hermit sometimes comes in handy when you are working on you. When you take the time to put into honoring your vessel you start by cutting back on TV shows you watch, how much social media you engage in , substances you engage in, and how much sex you have that ends up being meaningless.

I mean we all crave a long-lasting intimacy to be understood on soul level and sexual attachments are real. As well as soul ties but sometimes I think people sleep on those sexual attachments because it doesn’t get as much propaganda as the soul ties do. I mean soul ties have a lot of people thinking they have met their twin flame because the relationship is rough, and they are opposite. When the whole time your soul is telling you its wants to be free from chaos, drama, gossip, lies, and distortion.

That cord attachments you build from having sex with people who are lower vibrational and don’t match your frequency will fuck your whole life. Just imagine you being a billionaire and somebody telling you have to live on 22,000 a year. You know what you gone do curse us tf out and feel like we are disrespecting your intelligence. Baby that is unwarranted energy in your force field.

So, if you want to know if you have built cord attachments with people start by looking at your friends, family, or the places you frequently go to. Start seeing if you have picked up some new ways that you feel comfortable with you if it feels good then don’t worry about it. But if it brings your doubt, blocks your intuition, and you are going left when you normally go right, and it doesn’t feel good. Then it’s time to say goodbye to some people. Even though the brain is the most powerful organ you have 6 senses that God gave you and each one of them will feel violated, so you’ll know when you need to cut some people off.

Some of yall have been having some challenges with relinquishing old paradigms because some of you are trauma bonded to certain groups, careers, family, and friendships. So, any time somebody sane comes along and say y’all live like this the whole collective be ready to fight. When actually it’s something they knew intuitively all along that its was time for some change that was bound to happen.

A lot of people pray and ask God for many things and gets mad when it hits on something you value more that your creator. That’s when the real sacrifices come into play because its isn’t to hurt you it is to help you. And remember sacrifice isn’t always bad. It’s like working a job and the old manger let their workers run a muck and the new boss comes in asking them for the bare minimum and they start to challenge them. So, boss that feels threatens say either you change, or you can leave, and you know that leave term meant them firing you.


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