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Continuation of Loses

As I evolved in my spiritual journey, I had a chance to actually find solidified reasoning to my losses and the pain that came with it. I noticed that the experience I had developed with life were only one-sided thoughts, emotions, and actions. The higher I ascended the higher my awareness came on situations that were troubling to me. When I was focused on foolish things like why people didn’t like me, why I was uncomfortable with being lonely, and financial blockages that kept occurring it kept happening. My reasoning for more only came from feeling like I had nothing. I’m an urban girl so the way we’re raised were raised with no value unless you posses a talent or look a certain way. Outside of those things your left going through life putting people before you men, kids, job, and minor things that take from you and do not add to you.

It leads to a meaningless life while women gravitate towards meaningless relationships with friends, family, marriages, career options. Some manage simply fine and do not experience such growing pains but for the ones that do life can take its toll on you. After a reading I noticed the energy surrounding the cards was loses, fear, and aggravation. How being so caught up on the mundane things of life is more important. Now this message isn’t just rooted in women but men as well who don’t feel or process their emotions. Majority of the time we grieve the losses of people, places, and things for a long period of time because we feel it does not have any value anymore. Think about it you guys know how I love Minnie Mae and Kate the Great, but their absence affected my living life. Their comfort was taken away from me leaving me to be accountable on my own. They were my safety net for when the world was crumbling, I knew I could turn to them. But what happens when you let your lower emotions give you comfort for the reason you experience strife.

Now this is about to take a turn and not for the worst but just bite down for a minute. As I stated in my spiritual journey and started to learn things magic was one of them. Not to practice off the bat but just the sole purpose and the reason it served in life. You guys know I’m avid person for free will after being root worked by some guy who wanted to have control over me for spells to backfire on him. It left me researching novels, online course, and watching shamans talk about the etymology of magic. See dark magic are negative entities that are sent to kill off the living not a figurately death in most cases but to take away from your life. The things you enjoy, your happiness, and capitalizing on the loss of the nouns. So, when people who’re not ordained to be voodoo priest, Babas, or shamans a weary spirit comes over me because they’re opening a world that never ends. When people go into that world of sending out energy, they are calling on hurt souls who haven’t had an easy life. So, when they’re awaken, they’re coming to cause damage to those who are causing harm to others or too ruin your life because of their unhappy existence.

Can you think of people who are like this on day to day basis their never present for the good only for the emotional turmoil? Those people who only praise your failures and whispers your success. Sometimes you can do this to yourself. See staying in a negative or lower vibrational mindset only invites more confusion to enter your life. When you are not loving of you and all of you, you leave room for entities to take control of your happiness. The power of confusion can cloud your mind to led you to substances, people, and messed up situations that only feel good for the moment. Leading you to experience more losses it’s a lose, lose situation. Now, I do not want you to be alarmed into thinking someone is sending you black magic but their life and death in the power of the tongue.

I don’t think people know how vulnerable they are when they experience such losses such as losing a loved one, heart break, and financial crisis. Because of the lack of patience, you exude with yourself it leaves you inviting quick solutions that create long term problems. Now I am not saying that it doesn’t hurts but when you’re so focused on being hurt you end up hurting those around you. By going to hang with people who mean you no good, talking to people who gossip about you, and last but least the unprocessed emotions can lead you to a break down. And while your so focused on filling yourself up with nouns that will not be available for your meltdown will create more pain. See people sometimes underestimate the power of the body and the emotions that come with them. If we as humans don’t want to feel it, we will try everything in our power to avoid it because you feel it serves you nothing.

In most cases your emotions can be your most powerful assist it gives that feeling when something is wrong. But when you are taught to be so consumed with what is going on in the real world it leads you to forget about you because chaos is the greatest distraction from getting things done. I wrote this to say in this season be mindful of the things you take on. (CHECK OUT MY BLOG POST FIRST DAY OUT). Be weary of the spirit of avoidance meaning self-causing you to create an illusion with people, place, and things. In the spirit of right now. Evolution is a must but not at the cost of your sanity. Don’t get so caught up in your need for things that creates room for selfishness. There are 328.2 million people in America and there is probably someone who needs you more than those people who don’t. They just don’t have the courage to speak up because they understand your hurt.

Do you take the time to understand you? If you don’t its fine but some course correction to old behavior patterns maybe needed. And acceptance is the first step to changing the things you don’t like. Just because you accept it doesn’t mean that change behavior will come with it. Remember chaos is soothing when you’re in a place of confusion so changing old patterns is like a drug addict getting clean. Are ready to sober minded? Clean thought and higher awareness.

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