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Conflict Resolution B.S.


Well, it seems as if Gemini Season is coming to end that those who had some drama and unresolved problems may not get the actual resolve you need. I said this in that Saturn retrograde post and Gemini season post. Is it me or does it seem like that in order to solve a problem it requires someone to be honest and take accountability for the problems they have cause? It’s not the constant blame for the things they have done but actually changed behavior and stating that you where the reason x, y, and z happened. But for some people it’s like pulling teeth and for the others they find more comfort in talking about the problem long enough until they get some sympathy from people who don’t understand. Down below I linked the blogs where we talked about these things in Gemini season.

Gemini Monthly Energy Reading (

Saturn Retrograde (

Now in last blog you know I am not blind or oblivious to the idea of the waiting game. You know in the black community were you the let time pass by and become occupied with other things that you semi forget the reason why you and so and so fell out. Only to be reminded why you stopped talking to this person again why is that? You know the answer that rhetorical one at that I’m just pulling sleeves at this moment. But for the life me I can’t stand this damn drama that has been going on. Now keep in mind it isn’t my damn problems I’m dealing with its just the boundary crossing, the nagging, and trying to pull me in some tug of war when they already don’t have my best interest at heart. If you have already read the other Black Family Drama blogs, then you know how easy it is for other people to pull the black sheep into some shit because people already don’t like you. Hell, no don’t do it fuck that shit because it’s some people that’s out here trying to skip out on karma and they are getting they ass spiritually whipped at the moment.

So, your voice, your light, and your need to fight for what is right is what they trying to get you to do. Now, this drama has been going on for months I have seen people cry about it, lie about, play with it, and pick it back up again. Am I describing a dog? But that’s neither here nor there. The problem I have is the people who lack accountability see the people they call naïve for trying to reconcile with people who hurt them, they know they want their old relationships back. And they also know that these people may or may not have changed. That’s bravery and crazy but they know the cost their going to pay it. See the ones who like to dance around, and lie are the ones who like keep up the shit. See they pretend that everything is all good, so they come in with they slithering hands pretending to go along with change and the minute they see you with your guard down they back with the same old play. Ironic right, this is why I am not a firm believer in reconciliation.

No, I am not talking about closure, a meeting, or a sit down. I am talking about the getting back into routine with people who showed who they already where. Now this drama could’ve been rapped up along time ago but no somebody wanted to have one laugh, one fuck, one drink, and here we are because someone who can’t seem to get off a past paradigm thinks its funny to go back down memory lane. And people fail to recognize that going back down memory lane comes with a price. Because when we are young at heart and adolescent, we tend to forget pieces of the story. And the fact we or them choose to live in the past we will found out how quickly what we thought was fun is really detrimental to who we are now. Have you not seen the movie The Hangover, Hide and Seek, and Four Christmas? They all had a story line of people who had fun at some point, but it was time to wrap it up.

Now by this being a movie they gave us the happy ending we needed but in real life if you had to endure all of these cycles would you befriend someone like this again? I don’t think so. And no, I’m not talking about old age, but if you really had to heal in real people timing, would you? I want you to take into account your job, finances, your life, family problems, health issues, sick parents, and kids? Would you have time for this? See these cycles they have been played out on numerous of timelines and with many people, but the time is now for this shit to go. Because at what point do you stop and say that I know how this shit is going to end. Sometimes you get lucky and you don’t know but the other times you know what you are asking for. This is why I wrote that blog about the drama starters and their need for it.

Its okay for them to have their dose of the wild side but you don’t have to project and push this agenda onto to everybody. It’s old this is where the fights get worse, the arguments seem to never die, and the pain seems to magnify on an intensified scaled. It’s like when do we sit the hurt people down and say go heal or go the hell home. And when we say heal we are talking about accountability, understanding others people feelings, and know their actions have consequences. Like who’s going to call them out? We just gone keep letting bad behavior slide and allowing people to get hurt because it hasn’t affected you or someone that is close to you? Then we are supposed to scream, yell, jump, kick, cry, and hashtag for justice because you are important.

See people fail to understand that change is highly under minded when it is small. It has a grave affect when one person says no, block, stop, and persistently sticking to their guns. We always seem to miss the importance of the small things and people that can be affected by change. Before we go I would like to leave you with an example. Take a child and start a habit with them I want you to go 30 days in and don’t explain anything that you are doing. When the 40th day hit switch up your routine. Watch how quickly that child or person doesn’t take to you anymore? Watch them as they plague themselves over your genuineness. As they want to speak up or they just go along. Do you say something about the odd behavior or you don’t notice the error of your ways? Or are you just grateful they allowed you back into their lives.

If you don’t notice any change that has happened then you are the problem and when people get tired of being used, abused, and not acknowledge they go find solace in other places whether they be good or bad ones.



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