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Bitch aint nobody called, checked on an bitch, blew on me, or stop to even see how I been. I done dropped about a blog about outing your fav and put y’all on game. I said damn I been gone for about two days and nobody even said is she okay. Child what happen to the care. Nawl I'm just playing some of y’all messy ass was like do it bitch. Child, I talked to my ancestors and they said fuck him so, I put an end to it because he still gone be him. And hell, nawl he aint give me no damn check or did I receive a call. Do you see me on live with a mink coat on and some Cartier’s, giving rich bitch teas from the trap. HELL NO. Y’ALL, HOES AIN’T PRAYING HARD ENOUGH FOR A BITCH TO MAKE IT OUT THE GFHETTO. SAVE ME I HATE IT HERE.

Them black magic hoes been over there praising Jesus that I ain’t stepped a foot out the ghetto. LMFAO! I hear Satan getting a little bit of praise. Everybody got they ice chips and munching away hungry ass. Because just like me .99 cents a day can save a fellow chick from poverty. Sings in the arms of an angel cues music to give sadness, hopelessness, and despair. But to be honest I had never been so pissed in my life because people be thinking you are supposed to constantly put up with bad behavior and accept a raggedy ass apology. Like hell no I don’t aspire to let you get your narcissistic ass kink fest off and sit on the side lines thinking I deserved to be treated as such way. Like I'm human all a person got to do is grow up to be friends with me.

Niggas acting like I'm asking for a damn lung transplant all I’m stating is that you have no need to treat somebody right don’t get mad when someone's goes to drastic matters to protect themselves from your attacks. Because I am not somebody who wants anyone, I know to put up with the lower vibrational behavior from someone who says they love them, support them, or ride for them. Trauma bonding is so 1980’s and for the 80’s baby we can attest that our parents did some damage on us psychologically growing up. We over that shit I don’t know nobody willing to relive they child experiences over again maybe bits and pieces. And for you good home parents having people we genuinely appreciate someone who didn’t have those experiences.

I'll be back with content later today it is 1 in the morning I been in them YouTube streets soliciting content. Come on over on the channel. I been thinking about giving a few free readings away but I haven't thought about how ima do it. You won’t have to purchase anything because I'll have to do too many readings then. I will be doing an update on the prices for the quick readings like 2- 3 questions anything else I can’t change. I got some of messages about needing a sample because some of y’all been getting gouped out I am always eager to say check your resources. Meaning people who have come before you and received the services. It will be in the description box give me till tomorrow night to update it. I'm updating my website and that is a process.



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