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So, what are you guys doing? How do you like the updates? Seriously, the sabbatical I have been on has been needed and it has kept my name out of drama. The constant need to implicate me in to shit has gotten boring. Honestly I've ever like the mess anyway so I got tired of responding. Girl I been doing readings behind the scenes on the other side with the limited views because child, the reading have been spicy. But never the less it is the same old drama but don't act brand new because y'all been hearing all them lies about me and my spicy ass ain't been responding. No sometimes fanning the flames can be worse even though I believe in burning down the house. There is still a hint of immaturity that resides in me that feeds my inner child that I ever desire for it to grow up.

But I'll be back on track, things got too spiritual for me and sweetie had to go into hermit mode because these suckas don't quit. Like they are about to take they own self out from doing these same damn rituals over and over again. Like baby lets pack this shit up and lets roll because some people deserve to be the fish sitting on the land when they are right there by the shore. You ask me I don't care and I hate when someone keeps trying to make me do it. It's like someone trying to force a form of empathy on you for someone who has none for you. In the words of the old folks if you have nothing nice to say don't say nothing at all. And that is the state of mind I have been in. Besides trying to out my baby daddy and turn this into a my story is all I have been thinking about. Because that little bitch there has been on it.

I'm over here thinking in my head you raggedy bitch you. Because of the utter disgust. To the lady that wrote that tweet that said you drove five hours to beat you baby daddy ass retweet it. So, I can repost it because I now understand. Child my eldest child old and I don't have those problems with my first born so spending the block at this big age and going through drama is like WTF is this. It just bring out the old you where you don't mind the both of you sitting in the back of squad car with a just busted picture. Cheese, but my hair not done so we are fucked. I don't even want that shit affiliated with my brand baby we don't need no clout that bad. We do good over here seriously.

I know baby daddies and baby mothers ain't family but damn you need to think before you do shit because that child gone get old and see that shit. And my petty ass gone be like yep, that nigga did it. Not to be a bitter baby mama but just to how the evolution of who I am and how people change. But I do want revenge though I am not gone lie... Give me to Friday to drop the love readings they'll be out before then but that is to give me grace. Cause child this has been a process for me. I don't think I will finish the monthly readings because the month is all but i'll drop y'all some daily readings. Because I been working too damn hard, being financially deprived, people trying to low ball me, playing in my face, putting up with too damn much, letting too much shit slide, and constantly hearing the same bullshit. They can go to hell with they soul that's been sold.


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