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Card of The Day (Pisces Season)

Ace of Cups:

As we roll into this Pisces season, I think we should all practice a little more self-care. Now self-care doesn’t have to be bubble baths, long walks in the park, and spending lots of money, it could be simple. Now if you got it do yo thang big dawg for those people timely challenged finding ways to knock things off your schedule would really do you a service. If this means you are not taking calls this much this month do that. If it is pulling back on going out as frequently do that it doesn’t have to be personal it could be that you are wanting to be more in the energy of relaxed. If you have been all over of the place this could be the time where you could start to be honest about the things, you are putting on your plate. This could be wanting to stay at home and make a cozy space for you. For my writers, do that just write even if it doesn’t make sense work it out in the end.

For my creatives get in the zone and stop forcing it to be what you want it to be and just have a little bit of fun with it and make some magic. For my recreational user you know you have been lagging, dehydrated, and barely functioning I think it's time to cut back on some of them habits. Because the reality you think you are creating isn't one that many of people live in. It is easy to get lost in illusion especially my heavily Pisces placements because they can lie, they ass off. So, it's easier for you to create a narrative and think people are on the same page when we have no clue what you are doing and what you are talking about. This is why I said in the monthly don’t go looking for trouble because blurred lines and miscommunication could be a thing. Oh, and look out for the dream sellers' baby they sure can do that. Don’t fall for that 7 of cups energy having your head in the clouds behind things that aren’t tangible or even accessible.

Leaving people with the I told you so, because an earth sign will be sitting on the sideline right with the I told you so face. And guess what you will probably not want to accept the reality of the situation because of your need to be right. If you know it’s time to move on and let something, go start now because that sense of dread your feeling is just the reality you won’t face. If someone is pandering, you something that sounds too good to be true follow your intuition and gut feeling and know when something is off. Because the shapeshifters and tricksters are running through the group chat like its nothing. Feining and looking for some form of attention instead of stating what the issue is. If you find yourself sitting on conflict and unable to express what the problem is, honor that. Because starting fights and causing discord is only going to make you feel more shitty and alone.

Trust I know that feeling too well. For my psychically gifted people you may have more heightened senses than usual, make sure you are grounding yourself because you don’t want to be out here picking up other people’s emotions and wearing them as your own. You are wondering why you feel the way you feel, when the whole time you have somebody else's feelings on you. It's easy to be swayed by topics of discussions because you may not have the full facts. So, some people may be over exaggerating things because that’s the way they feel about something not you. Learn how to pull back on situations and see them for what they are before you respond. Some situations in your life don't need to be necromanced leave that shit alone. Y’all ain’t learned yet from all of them spirits y’all done conjured up over their playing on the Devil’s playground. Meanwhile this nigga is having time of his life.

While y’all suffering in agony and this nigga licking his lips and telling y’all it be like sometimes! It's okay if your opinion is indifferent from other people long as it isn’t ignorant because that’s when the drama rolls in. For my people who usually go along with the go along some of y’all gone shock the shit out of some people by saying no and leave me out of that because they accustomed to you doing as such. For some people it was a control tactic like the mean girls and mean boys club where some of y’all were forced to adapt to a state of mind because of your fear of upsetting other people. It's kind of recognizing that your friends, family, and loved ones have been selfish when it comes to you. Trying to get you go and do this and go along with things that don’t benefit you and finally getting out the way gone hurt their feelings more. Especially for those people who have been using you for their benefit because in the old cliché quote ain’t nobody gone do the things you do or did. And some people know this, this is why they are trying to guilt trip you with the old whomp, whomp, whomp, stories because they know time is up.

It's a curtain call and the play is ending and some people can’t accept this. Because in the law of karma they have nothing stored up because the unemployment line ain’t giving them nothing. They were to busy taking and harvesting and that season is coming to an end. It doesn’t mean that you have to be a douche about it and brag in their face but when the universe calls judgement that’s what it is. Everybody can’t go with you in the next phase or chapter of life. They had many chances to get it right, but they chose the path that was benefited for them. Let them deal with their problems like you had too some people don’t learn until you get out of the way. Be open and receptive to your blessings for once and stop worrying about everybody else needs. (NOTED)

Self care is prioritizing you and if you ain’t right how you gone be the best version for you if they too busy trying to pull you apart for their own selfish needs. If you getting you together disturbs somebody that bad, then guess what they weren’t supposed to be there in the first place. Some people have been holding up space in your life for a long time and it is time for you to breathe.


  • For my penny pinchers it's time to start buying you stuff that you need. Nobody said that you have to go off and break the bank but it’s time to allow some money to go so it can come back with ease.

  • If you have been working too hard for a goal, it's time to get honest and see if the goal is really attainable? Is someone making it hard? Is there something holding you back? And do they have to go? Now is the time to get honest?

  • That friend or lover who makes you feel like you are always in competition with somebody baby spirit said no. That person who always pops back up in your life with the same drama, it’s no! That bossy friend who leads you down a path of darkness, spirit said no.

  • That shows you working on or trying to get a gig on ain’t for you. It may not make it past pilot and you just keep chasing behind it. Nope. Try again somewhere else.

  • For people with mental health issues how long you gone keep avoiding the fact that you need some help other than using social media, drugs, sex, and money.

  • The emotional manipulator when you are gone start speaking your truth and stop trying to laugh it off when you know you want it deeply. And no, I’m not talking about my sarcastic folks. I am talking about the ones that be hiding behind they feelings because of the fear they have of vulnerability.

  • Oh, and some of y’all got a crush that like you that maybe coming in bringing gifts under the guise that they want to work with you or they like what you do. Baby they like you weirdo, READ THE ROOM!




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