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What has its grip on you at this moment that you can't seem to let go? What is the obsessions you have that seem to get the best of you? Are there any behavior patternings that needs to be changed or corrected at this time? Do you know yourself before you start to self destruct? Is a question that you should probably start asking yourself petitioning to spirits to get answers to questions you already know can be tricky when you don't know how they respond.

This could've resulted into some fall out disagreement or even and exposed your enemies and toxic habits. And for some this self reflectory mode is wreaking havoc on someone's life because how sway. It's funny how we can get the spirit to do this and that but when the spirit calls you it, it ain't so fun when the rabbit got the gun. Are your recreational uses ruining your life or are they bettering you.

The spirit is calling you to be in tune and get in tune with your emotions because they be wreaking havoc over your life and they may even be self destructive. To the point that it causes you harm or other people in your life. It's causing someone to think before they do. If therapy isn't an option then channeling rage into something for your good will probably benefit you. Going over board starting wars only create enemies, tension, and chaos where it is not needed. Leaving you to be isolated in your human experience.

And when this happens the people that you have hurt or abused will not want you in there life no matter how bad you claim to have changed or work on yourself. Remember your pain sometimes can cause other people pain when you don't know what pains you.#PYA! For some of you your sex life maybe a Debbie downer because you have some temptress on the prowl that does things to get your attention. Flip the roles if it is a woman.

Whoever this is does things to get attention in a drastic manner. You know the whole cliche post where they say stand out argue with him and stress him out. Sweetie, if you want to be alone just say that because stress is a killer literally. I don't need you throwing off my central nervous system, fucking up my eating habits, shaking from dehydration, and losing sleep because of PTSD and contemplating the next argument. No, I need peace not trauma. I have had my fair share and don't want no more.

But whoever this person is, it seems like they don't know how to let go or move on. And this doesn't have to be with you this could about situations that drive your or them stir crazy to the point it is emotionally draining. For some of you, you feel happy when you are not around this person because you can breathe again. Whoever this is, this person purposely cuts their phone off so they want talk to you because you or them is full of drama.

For some of you this is why you have stomach issues all of the time. It's like your body can breathe when you are not around this person because you have been so tensed up when you are around them that you didn't even notice your breathing habits. If it was spellwork baby google a marine spirit, spirit of leviathan, and what those woman can do when they are mad when they get to playing with that spellwork. Kind of like that jezebel spirit that kills, steals, and destroy.

Somebody bowels even been lose too lose to point of diarrhea. Somebody needs to add Whole Foods in their diet and stop eating things that digest so fast. So if you are weight conscious, I'm letting you know you may pack on pounds until you decide to nip this behavior or person out of your life for good. For others stop doing what other people are doing. You know my favorite saying I do a good job at ruining me I don't need your help. And the people, places, things or nouns is just doing that and it seems like your are oblivious to this behavior because y'all reside in low spaces.

Hey we all got to come from somewhere it's not about where your start it's where you end up at. Oh, and be mindful of who you asking for, for help because some people may not be the help you need. It's giving bossy, controlling, codependency, and lack of transparency. For others be mindful of who you help because some aren't looking to do the work they looking for you to do the work for them. It's giving escapism like pick up my load, can you do this, and I need this. Whoever this is will wear they welcome out extremely fast. Set clear boundaries for my martyrs because you know y'all be trying to save the world.

Also be mindful of the what brings you freedom because some people aren't going to be happy about that. Especially if they burden you, be prepared to be the bad guy when you say no. Remember your happiness should make those around you happy because they appreciate you. Everything isn't about you all of the time. Check that before you go off ruining relationships, nobody likes an entitled. The goal is to decrease, release, and be free.

OH, and the deck I'm using is African Godess Oracle.


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