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CARD OF THE DAY: Mbuya Nehanda

Solar plexus work maybe a thing at this state and time and for others it maybe time to detox your gut. Now for holistic people and those who are on medication make you ask your doctor and follow the rules we don't need you getting sick. Also when you are detoxing and taking such herbs to detoxify the body they work or supposed to work as an antibiotic. So, pay attention to your ph balance, bowel movements, and secreations levels.

Because for others this maybe connected towards yoni steams for my people with that pudge that sit low on your uterus. It's time to say good by to an old lover, trauma, pain, and toxic habits that block and dampen your creativity. Tell 'em sayonara! Now for my people who don't do the work when it comes to balancing your spiritual needs, worldly needs, and also human needs. We don't need you feeling like you busting loose because you got that attachment off of you. If you don't know how you got it we don't need you getting it again.

Because it's time to change up things in your life because you don't want spirit to change it for you. Some of you are getting grace that is allowing you time to remove, block, delete, and fix any misconceptions going at this state and time. And for my slickens who be trying to get over on spirit there is a change that is like a tower moment that is on the horizon. And you might not like it because fighting against it only make the tides rise higher.

For those who have been lacking in feminine support you may have this coming in but don't get to ego prone because for some of you it's time to let them toxic ass friends go. Because whoever this is that gases you up to do dumb shit gone be your biggest downfall. And I think this inner strength you maybe coming into maybe your ancestors or guides. Or it could be someone you may have friction with that maybe your biggest supporter. No, we ain't taking about you and Karen that be falling out all of time. Sweetie, calm down.

Now you and someone that may have some differences or difference in a belief systems. Remember true strength is knowing when and when not to be vulnerable. And to my seers I know your eyes been burning because the glitch in the matrix has been having y'all on fire. For some of you, you may feel like sounds, pictures, and certain things maybe aggravating. Pull back and ground. YOU GOT THIS!

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