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Religion and religious beliefs may be something that comes up in a relationship because someone feels like you and someone else differs. Someone maybe constantly pushing for a cycle to be reopen and how you two are going about it may differ because someone is using a forceful method with spirituality. This person may feel like they aren’t going against someone free will, but they are. If it isn't happening at the time, then it doesn’t need to be presented at this time. This is how most people end up working against the matrix and end up stuck in stagnant cycles and rehashing out old karma. This is how some people feel like they aren't reaping their spiritual rewards because they spend too much time doing the same thing over and over again. You see this in most cases in relationships where people try to make someone love them by trying to dominate someone's feelings or using word witchery over someone's life.

If you don’t like the practice and the solution to it, then it’s perfectly fine in saying no. People act as if they don’t get karma for constantly playing in spell work but they do. It may not show up in a form of spirits and someone being haunted. It may show up in the real life aspects such as someone liking you too much and you don’t like them or being pushed around by a lover and not liking the outcome. Karma be moseying her ass all through the group chat and we don’t even be noticing it. For others it maybe ethics because you don’t like the way someone practices their spell work. You may have someone who maybe a messy spiritualist where they have too many things on, they alter, working with too many spits, trying to root to many people at once, casting evil eye all of the time, or the person who always is afflicted so they cast affliction onto the others all of time.

And for you, you may be more practical when it comes down to handling your affairs. You may be the one who likes to talk it out to get a better understanding of where someone is coming from. Not for as of closure but to see where this person is coming from. You may be more empathetic towards certain things and more susceptible to picking up on energies, so you know how to handle yourself after a disagreement. If spell work is prevalent in certain matters. You may be a person to where you want to pray about it and give it to God. I don’t think the issue is religion, it is more of the ethics that is used behind things to get a point across. It may just teach you to protect yourself more against spiritual attacks or stop underestimating people by how they look.

Hoodoo and Voodoo isn’t bad it’s those who utilize it in reckless ways to cause harm, pain, triumph, and victories over people who do nothing to them. Sometimes you may be in a place where you aren’t really aware of the things you need to be.


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