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A birds eye view to the bullshit. An eagle can fly alone but it knows the importance when it's time to call on help. It may be time to go back to school, to a better understanding of a situation, or develop a new perspective on a situation. When the eagles shows up it’s time to get active about certain things, following up on things, checking the guidelines, reading your contracts, and making sure you get the job done. For my people who have been taking advantage of people be prepared for some people to cut you loose. Now it could be a job someone's about to lose and it might come out of thin air because someone was gaming and banking on this being the end all be all for them and it wasn’t. Either somebody lied on they application stating they could do something or you might not have been a good fit for the company.

For my rebels who like to work against the grain you may be the one that’s getting kicked out of the group, company, or affiliated because of the planetary transits. Pluto did its thing in Capricorn and let me tell you Saturn ass don’t be playing in them Capricorn transit. It is like that ass whooping your mama told you she was gone give you when she got off work. You sit down and say to yourself when the hell this shit gone let up. Now, for me I took away from it, is how the hell am I working this hard when I have resources around me. “USE YOUR RESOURCES WISELY!” Resources don’t have to be a job it could be someone that you know is good at something and you need the help that comes with them. But in this world ain’t nothing free if someone is doing something out the kindest of the heart appreciate it and don’t take advantage of it that’s how you miss out on your blessings.

Ask somebody how much they charge or what are they willingly accept for my folks who don’t like people doing things for them, because you don’t like to feel like you owe them. When you set out pleas in the universe and you ask for your prayers, request, and love to be heard you accept it with grace. Only you know what it is that you called in or wanted it at this state and time. Just know when you getting help don’t get too comfortable with the help you are getting because the help gone need help too. It’s not the favor for the favor or someone holding something over your head. But if you are fucking with a help meet or help mate you do know they have to be in tip top shape to help others too. It's not always about you they show in many ways and seasons in your life like little earth angels.

And for my people who been in places too long its time for you to spread your wings and fly on your next solo mission is coming up so you can find a home. Because either someone is pregnant, or someone is coming home. It may be a solar return so somebody may be having a birthday coming up or returning to their body and acting like they got common sense.


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