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Tension has been rising lately because some people want some people to go against the tide. This could be going against the grain, crossing the ones you love out, and continuously keeping a battle going. Sometimes you recognize you just can't it’s not about willpower and strength, sometimes the drama ain’t worth the hassle it comes with. Now for others you probably should up, up your water intake for my people who has been feeling dehydrated. Now I know some of y’all don’t like water but trust me you need it especially if you have been feeling emotionally off. Now for my people who don’t listen to their intuition it’s time to start paying attention to your body, signs, and synchroneities because you got some people who ain’t been playing fair.

If you have been feeling confused honor that because that is an emotion that needs to be honored and right now may not be the time to make that decision. Also be aware and cognizant and ask yourself is this a distraction that is limiting me from moving forward right now. I am not honoring myself in the process? For my people who just used going along with the going along you may find yourself saying no I'm doing it because somethings aren’t your problems. It isn’t about being an asshole or douche but lately we all have been feeling spiritually fatigued from the mind games people been playing. You may feel like Divine isn’t listening, but sometimes God’s protection is rejection and sometimes rejection isn't someone kicking you out. It’s realizing your energy doesn’t no longer align with the environment anymore.

If you are feeling tired it's time to go to sleep and for my people who are challenged in that area it may be time to gone head and take that pill and give yourself some rest. Because sitting up getting no rest, being in stress, an in mess, and occupying yourself with things that don’t serve you isn't going to do anyone no justice when you decide to crash and burn. It is now to be honest and say am I serving them or are they serving me. Is there an imbalance going on? Am I just getting hip to this? Is this a recurrence? Am I not being heard, or they just don’t value my opinion? Have you tried to fix this before and what were the results? I am firm believer that another mans trash is another person gold, but sometimes we have to just say that some shit is just trash.


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