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Knowing when to hold and when to fold them is the message for today. If you not a gambler, risk taker, or know when to quit it can be hard to walk away when something feels so right. And if you read that Aries energy reading you know that it's time to say goodbye. It's not about being in ram energy it’s about embracing the fool's journey and tapping into your inner child and saying fuck it. Have you ever watched a child build something only to walk away when it doesn’t work, no malice just complete surrender. They don’t think about it, they just simply give up and walk away. See, some adults forget to tap into their inner child and just say fuck it. It’s not I give up I just know that this isn't it for me at this time. Like why do I have to invest my all into this situation, it's just a toy. See, a lot of adults don’t know how to walk away because in most cases we have people who keep reminding us of our mess ups.

They remind us of the time and energy we have put into something as if it is a reward in doing something that is completely draining. They don’t pay attention to the details, emotions, times, sleepless nights, and willpower we give away to certain things. And as a person who knows when to quit I find myself looking back on some things that didn’t deserve my time and energy. It wasn’t because I was better than that no, it was literally me blocking my own path. I felt like I was deserving of things that I didn’t even need or know what to hell to do with it. Have you ever wanted to break up with someone and you stalled out the process because you feared them becoming the person you knew they were going to be because you felt you deserve it. Can I ask you a question are y’all together now? For my ones who said no when you think about everything you did to keep someone you feel like a fool too. If you have matured you may find it funny because love came in, a job came in, or maybe some breath of fresh air just hit you like a dump truck.

And in those moments, we didn’t recognize that divine timing was at play with a lot things we just chalked it up to being tired, depressed, sad, overworked, underappreciated, and lost. When things were bound to happen anyway but when we pushed and pulled against the odds, we ended up making things worsier for us on our path. In this season where the spirit of moving is urging you to get going make sure you yell out to spirit sometimes and say does this have anything to do with me? Because for some of you, you might have been at your breaking point for a long time and don’t even know it. Sometimes it isn't about the 10 second rule, it's about watching where the cookie falls.


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