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There is power in owing your truth and being unmoved and in phases about it. When you have too many people telling you who you are, what you are, and what you are capable of it's easy to become distracted by there perception of you are at heart. Sometimes you have to sit in the mirror look at the wounds you have even it's being butt booth ball naked and say this is who I am and I am comfortable with this. It's easier to put on a facade and be the world wants you to be because of the fear of being unliked or constantly hit with mean spirited comments all of the time.

But in the words of me confidence is contagious and people gone know real when they see it. They don't have to speak about it but they feel the vibe and some get and some don't. Now this don't be go down to the job and acting fool but being in your own energy and working on your insecurities can help you blossom into the person you need to be.

Also whoever this that be arguing with people all of the time baby don't nobody want to hear that. If you right, then it'll show. Some people don't people on person so it can them seem important. Some people actually get off on hurting other peoples inner child and they be fine with that. For me that is the sickest shit a human do is try to kill off your belief system. I mean what is that all about anyway.

So, do you work, do the work, and change the at you communicate with yourself before you go off correcting it with others.

The decks that I am using is Scared Destiny by Denise Linn.


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