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Honor when spirit is telling you no and when something or someone isn't good for you. It's becomes easier as to push past cognizance with age because we feel we know everything. Which can be good but too much of knowing something is how quickly you can be humbled by spirit for the things that is you don't know. See at times we think things can be so great for us it can be just in that moment but when we want something for forever we don't take heed to the red flags 🚩.

Like knowing when to quit, like when something isn't working because it's not time, or something may not be for you. We all have our senses and we should take heed to them. I noticed that peer pressure isn't something kids go through it something adults experience all of the time. Because one time isn't so bad because we'll never see them again or nobody will ever know. Bullshit, the way socia media and cellphones is ruling the nation some of y'all need to think before you do. Everybody ain't set up to playa like that in these streets. Some people be having hate, envy, and jealously in they heart and they hide it well too.

All I'm saying is just start your day with getting you right before you go straighten someone else's affairs out. In the words of the old folks don't come sweeping around my doorstep when you got your own. We all have our fair share of problems so pay attention to when spirit is trying to alert you of the mess that is going around you. For others it maybe time To do your spiritual protection rituals, offerings, and cord cutting because them thangs getting out of hand in these streets.



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