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Card of The Day

If there is a decision that needs to made think before you do because without all of the information it may cost you. I'm hearing pick a side being wishy washy and sitting on the fence isn't going to bring about the change or peace you seek out at this time. If you know that something is draining, taxing, messy, and downright gut wrenching then baby it's time to clean it up.

If someone is trying to put you in drama pick your battles wisely because someone may not being tell all of the truth it maybe some mess going on that you don't know. The story may sound ass good hell might even feel good too but dealing with the consequences might come back to bite. For others it might be time for some glasses or new pair of contacts for my people who need them to see. Because you have been around here like a spaded dog when it comes to your emotions.

For others it's time to get a higher view on something. For others this could mean stand up on something so you can see something different and when feel like you got it jump down because it's gone bring some sort of clarity on a situation. If things have been feeling too tense it's because you have waving your swords around aimlessly. If it's time to cut something or someone off do it. Whoever this is messy anyway. Every time they come around it's just constant drama and it drags you down.

They also block your throat chakra too because you become so engulfed into there mess that the only time you have for yourself is sleep. Sorry for the wait I took a break and these heaux been having me fucked up.


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