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If this ain't a message with in itself I don't know what to tell you. As a content creator before I got locked in I found myself limiting myself because I felt like certain people didn't need to hear what I had to say. Maybe it was because I didn't have my degree yet or because certain people didn't want to have conversations that made them vulnerable.

I noticed a lot of times that when we search for healing that it comes with a price. Do you decide to rip the band aid off and hear someone complain about the pain from the rip or you just go straight into healing the wound. In the black community talking about feelings and how you hurt me is more of a nonchalant thing. If it ain't broke don't fix it is the mentality but what if you are the one that is broken?

As a healer, a person who is still healing, and a person who has healed many things baby I found myself not speaking my truths. Like is my conversation not important that I am having right now? I also had to take into account timing because a lot of the time it was off but majority of the time it was not. I noticed the numbness I created to the wounds has allowed a lot behavior patterns slide that should've been nipped in the bud. But without proper boundaries and if even knowing NO was a boundary child I let so much go on.

See, sometimes we forget that we can speak up and say no but because we are taught and conditioned to stay in certain places and be around people because of the labels they come with such as; family, lover, boyfriend, girlfriend, child, mother, father, baby daddy, baby mother, husband, and wife. We think that those relationships are supposed to be filled with strife like not getting your needs met. So, the bad behavior we put up with allows us to stay put in situations that we should've been freed from along time ago.

The constant reassurance you seek maybe in another environment or even in you. Sometimes that untapped potential go unseen so long that you don't even know when to recognize it in yourself. Because you have been conditioned into thinking that oddball man out was a personality trait that you was supposed to adapt to, only for you to get the room to still go against you. Now the picture tells me there is hope in another space and right now where it requires more faith to get to other the part of your journey.

But the people around you may not believe in you or even care too because they're to busy with their own world and what works for them. The wording told me someone had a dream and some people weren't interested and someone felt some form of rejection. But they kept they head held high even when you thought they weren't looking. And if was trauma someone endured the sandman brought many tears that filled the dream state with some pleasant dreams to believe again. Asé

I do not own rights to this photo it's solely belongs to Linestoconnect.

Instagram: Linestoconnect


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