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If you have any stressors in your life at this point and time it is time to cut them down. This quick fast, dry, and cut energy isn't doing you any good at this time. It's time to pull back your energy and ground yourself. I know they say slow and steady win the race but when you have to many people being the reason you aren't accomplishing the things it is time to say good bye. Now this doesn't mean go scrolling down the group chat and cursing everybody out and saying goodbye to everyone. No you just need you more.

I'm not saying you have to be in a needy state but having people who do nothing for you actually doesn't benefit you it benefits them. If your boundaries being inserted causes problems then so be it. If someone is intentionally giving you hell because of a boundary then that shows their true character. Because why should you be in a state of lack when it comes to your emotional needs. You need to be the best version of you because other people depend on you. Whether you are a salesman, content creator, firefighter, policeman, or a essential worker. Some people don't see how they add to the stress in your life until you get sick, suffering from a panic attack, or unable to fulfill your duties.

And to be honest some people probably won't see it then life is funny that way. I know it may not seem that way but some people can be shitty and downright don't give a fuck about nobody and their consequences of their actions. I know sometimes you may need to work on your breathing methods, count your triggers, do exposure methods, affirmations, and understanding what your body needs. But sometimes baby you need a long break from people in your life because they be the problem.

Learn the power of the word no outside of using it to create an imbalance in your relationships to control people. Some people are going to have to learn the hard way. For my people who are trying to get right just know it's some motherfuckers that's been testing the damn water with all of their chaos in confusion. Continuously saying yes to drama is like cutting off your nose to your save face when you only end up getting reconstructive surgery!

Everybody, and everything ain't worth the hassle. Y'all have drained people so bad that people just want to chill. That's what COVID was trying to teach people to honor thyself and knowing when to sit the hell down. For my late bloomers congratulations because baby these past three years from transits, witchcraft, trends, and drama has been a ride. Baby, we finally getting out of the 80's paradigm for once, for others you recreating it and that is fine but hopefully you do it right.


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