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If you get mad and start doing fucked up shit to fuck with other people peace ima need to go to the corner and put yourself in time out. Because baby ain’t nobody got time for that we grown round here I don’t need you stressing nobody out because you need your mood stabilized. Now for them toxic couples who operate on this time then speed pass this blog because this might not be the one for you today. If ain’t broke don’t fix it but I need somebody to understand that shit will get old real quick. Because it bleeds the love out all of your relationship really fast. As much you being big on communication it seems like somebody is lacking in a certain area that keeps you stuck in a karmic loop with a lot of people in your life. It's like if you change here or do this it never seems to be a satisfaction on both ends. Maybe because the impact is so detrimental to the person that they have no time to understand why you did what you did.

You got to look at it, is this a common thing you do when you get mad? Or is this the first time you showed this behavior because people who get pissed off like that normally don’t react in that way unless it’s built-up anger or frustration. Ima need you to go check out this blog for journaling purposes. The Domino Effect (Emotional Hoarding Pt. 2) (

Sometimes you think people pick up on your frustrations and anger because of the things you do when in most cases it creates a callus in the relationship with the person who you are with because they have become numb to your antics that you have to do drastic shit to get their attention. And by that time someone is so annoyed with the things you do, that communication is null and void. So, the whole shut down method may work for some because they feel like they don’t want to inflame the argument no more or they don’t have the proper knowledge on a situation to respond. Stop trying to say that someone is giving you the silent treatment when all you don’t is throw gasoline on a wildfire and get mad when it continues to burn. Every situation isn’t caused for a right now communication for my agitators. You act like you are the nicest to deal with a on a day-to-day basis. I think you need to go to back to temper your criticism and read it until you get it.

Sometimes you have to be the change you need if you have emotionally charged relationship then it's gone be some days where you wouldn’t want to deal with emotionally charged people in your life. Remember what you put out is what you get. So, stop acting like a goody too shoes when you really be emotionally exploiting the shit out people for your gratification. Then want to turn around then love bomb them and you know what they call them, hint hint NARC!


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