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Card Of The Day

CARD OF THE DAY: The Past Is Over

Deck: Power Thought Cards by Louise Hay

To be in alignment with these week messages baby's somebody needs to hear this that the past don't want you, it's your subconscious that's trying to get you to go backwards. Now as we usher our ass right on out this retrograde it maybe a thing or two that's trying to get you to come back. Baby, snatch your coat out they hands and say let me go. I'm out of here I can't do this no more. Child, seeing this card for me is some of what of hope because child, the spirit stunt crew will not let nothing go.

Girl they be ready to pop they mix tapes in, you know the ones you to had to rewind and put your finger in the middle because it got off track. Yea that's how far they be trying to go back as I ask myself from standing on the sidelines what is the purpose of this because this is a recipe for disaster. But if you give a fool enough attention they'll find ways to a make a mess out of something. And sometimes you have to remind yourself that it is okay, you don't have clean up someone elses shit.

I mean the fact that we all are adults sometimes some people truly have to learn that the hard way when it comes to their actions. It's nothing personal but some doors need to be closed for your personal freedom. Sometimes energetically holding onto all of that dead weight isn't good for you. How you expect to be go forward in a new chapter with a closet full of hoarded things you don't use. It's like telling spirit to wait while you close that door. And as they sit they watch you struggle with it they get tired and walk off. It's not like they are leaving you sometimes they illuminate the path way for you to chose where you are destined to be.

The signs and symbols they have shown you on your path wasn't for your glamour to say that you are spiritual or for your enlightenment. It was for you to take heed to what was on your path because you had things to clear out so you can get on with your journey. Life is not always about hardships and constantly going through the same thing it's up to you to learn from you. Or allow people who you meet on your path to teach you harsh lessons that come with guilt and remorse.

And that sometimes comes with sadness and a depression that it seems like no man could be able to fill. So, do yourself a favor and start calling yourself out about the things you are prone to do. Write a list of people who you interact with on a day to day basis. What is it that you expect from these people? Who are these people to you and what do they do for you? What is it that you expect from them all around including emotions? How do you act when strife hits those relationships?

Does your behavior cause a tear in the relationships? What do you do to fix those relationships? Is it gifts, is it not doing things they don't like without understanding the reason why you do the things do, or do you just do just enough to get back in good only to reel them in false hope because your happiness matters. If you are mature enough and won't take offense ask your friends, and loved ones to be you for a week just Mon-Fri. I am not talking about the fights and disagreements but you as person all the way around. This will let you know who really pay attention to who.

SIDEBAR: And this doesn't have to be for social media because other people comments on their behavior may or may not enable some toxicities in that connection.

And that will solve some conflicts because if they don't know you and you don't them how the hell are you going to solve issue with someone when it's two people barking orders without the intent to listen to what the other person needs. Compromise is evident it shouldn't feel like a sacrifice but if the sarcrifice will bring a greater reward for everyone involved it shouldn't feel like pulling teeth. When you jot this down and you study this like you study other things. This will be evident that something's needs to change. Everybody doesn't have to know about the work your doing.

I have seen people say they are going to do the work and other people get scared because they feel like you are going to ex them out when they make easy for you to ex them out. If you are ready to do the work call me baby. Other than I am just a fly sitting on a volcano waiting for it to erupt so I can turn into a bald eagle and shapeshift into a black jaguar once I hit the land.

Somebody remind to explain this on Wednesday and not telepathically because I be forgetting it on purpose because I hate that shit on God. A SIMPLE INBOX WILL SUFFICE NOT BEING IN MY DREAM STATE THAT. I DONT WORK ON YALL TIME ESPECIALLY WHEN ITS FREE!


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