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CARD OF THE DAY: Marie Laveau

Tuesdays is somebody due date and congratulations on the newborn baby. For those who have been cooking up something at this point and time your seeds maybe paying off. Now for others you may have someone who has been doing some form of spell work and you are wondering why your manifestations ain’t been coming in because for some you have someone who is trying to block them. While for others you doing too much. If you are going to let the spirit, do it’s thing, then it has to do its thing continuously doing something and expecting some result is crazy. And a lot of people have become too codependent on spell work versus getting up and doing something about the things you want in your life. All that energy harvesting and stealing other people energy is getting old somethings have to be balanced out in the matrix.

For others your spell work is being rejected because spirit knows what you want I keep hearing you have to think big bitch, you have to think big bitch, you maybe setting your limits to low on a situation, for others your spirit guides are completely telling you no and whoever this is hardheaded as hell and don’t listen. For some of you this maybe a control thing, someone that is trying to create a reality to one that doesn’t exist. This could be like once I get my dream job, lose weight, get this money, and get healthy I am going to get this. Baby, what type of spirit guides you got because you over there working with something else, I need to know. Because when your spirit guides say no some of you guys get to using other entities and asking for shit and don't know what you're offering up, to get this and that. Them consequences be biting y’all in the ass like a motherfucker.

Whoever this is, your house is like a walking portal and not a good one because you have no separate place between you and the spirit realm. Someone does too much in their home especially if you are a practitioner or practicing for other people. Remember your spirit guide protects you and not other people, especially when you are not called to do as such. I know it’s easy to make money and take up new hobbies but we don’t need you spooked out your house when you haven't even planned to move into a new place. Remember everything isn’t for everybody and some people may can get away with doing magic and scamming people but if you know better your spirit guides might be on you like baby, if you don’t stop that mess.

Now for others this maybe your baby mama/baby daddy who needs some money and maybe you cut her/him off and she/he don’t like this new change that spirit is doing with you. So, she/he decided to conjure up shit in your home or she/he took your money down to the voodoo man and said I need you take make this negro give me all of their money. And whoever this is stubborn as a mule and some of you ain’t giving in it and it’s making fights arguments and disagreements big ass hell. Because someone is spiteful and lowdown and they don’t care until they get what they get. This person ain’t gone learn until spirit give them a dose of, they own medicine and this may result into some hurt feelings and tears shed too because somebody just don’t know when to quit. It's like this person is so consumed with the spirit realm that they feel like this is the only thing that they need which is magic.

Nothing more but magic and the problem for some this person maybe having problem with weight somebody has been gluttonness with the spirit realm and doing spells to make someone gain weight. Them return to senders been tearing somebody ass up because a lot of people don’t think that karma is real. And it’s upsetting someone because that power or favor that they had that had on them really had them on the up and up with spirit realm and people is really making this person feel like shit. Because usually this is the do gooder, the person that people rely on and call to solve problems but lately they been out of order. Focused on no one but themselves so spirit maybe taking this person through some financial challenges because this person hasn’t been too giving and forthright with all of their plans.

It's showing me a little child who has been sneaking in the cookie jar or the refrigerator like their parents haven't been recording them. And this person hasn’t stopped because they ain’t been called out whoever this is think they sneaky child, please. And a quick protip stop recording people all of the time because whoever this is that like to lie and say they don’t be places your phone sholl be snitching on you. #MESSAGE



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