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The New Era Elements Tarot:

The Universe: Cycles that have been seen as annoying maybe coming to end or it may be the way you see them. For some of you it maybe the art of detachment being able to pull back and self-access certain situations that get out of hand quickly. You may be getting emotionally honest about those relationships that have been a thorn in your side. It's tricky when we look at them at people the way they want us to look at them, but when you pull back and actual start to see them for exactly, they are. For some of you, stagnation seems to be getting the best you at the moment because you feel you have achieved everything it is that you need in this life.

I beg to differ because you have been ignoring your intuition and gut feelings about people. Start listening to the things you say out loud in moments of doubt because the answer might be their when you least expect it. We still have the magicians keeping up shit in retrograde just say everyday bring me my blessings especially if you know someone is casting against you to cause hardships and blocks. Your spiritual routine maybe a bore to you because it has become more about what source can do for you and not what you can do for others. How does your blessings impact other people? Are you a user, thieve, con artist, codependent, or just lazy? Does the change you desire so bad deserve the emotional impact on the environment you live in?

GET OUT! Go have your coffee on a morning bench and watch the people run, start going to places with people who are doing what you want to do. It doesn't mean that you'll start right away but you might get jolt of inspiration or a download within you to get going. Moral of the story dine in for breakfast and not out!


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