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Card For The Weekend


If you don’t feel like going out this weekend you don’t have to. It’s giving let’s layup and rest because some of you guys have been partying too much or you’re just drained from certain individuals around you. Some of you have a baby shower to attend to, a graduation as well, and birthday parties to attend to. All the while this is happening this weekend and I'm hearing have fun. Bring me back one of them plates if the food doesn’t come with nothing else added to it. For some you may find yourself wanting to remodel your home. This isn't the DYi but more like let's move this furniture this way, add some new sheets, buy a rug, or add a picture or something that is just you. That gives you the feeling of saying there is no place like home, there is no place like home.

For my people who like to go out to the bar and go out for a drink and bring someone back be mindful of going off and trying to start a connection with someone too fast. They are in the knight energy but it is in reverse so this person may or may not want the same thing as you. It seems like a good time it doesn’t seem stable just don’t ruin the fun so fast because you may end up having a friend for life but hopefully sex doesn’t ruin it. Now on the flip side if you know your baby daddy or baby mama has some form of influence then they need to start to take in account that everybody isn’t their friend. There is some jealously going on because somebody feels like their friend is supposed to put their friend on or put them on one of your friends. And the friendships is about to wreak havoc because they have this nice nasty ass behavior towards each other. Spirit said get out of the way because as soon as you say something that’s when they get back cool.

If this is a group thing people maybe more prone to get away from them because their relationship is toxic anyway. There is this follower the leader dynamic and one has this complex to were they feel like they can’t think without the other and all they do is cause mischief all of the time. They may trick you into their business because they tell you their secrets that they don’t tell each other so it causes confusion because you end up thinking you are helping when they only hinder the process. It's like a game for whoever this is, it’s like once you don’t answer the phone as frequently as you used to, you see some form of a relief. And when put your shit on autopilot and get back to your square baby you gone be like wooo, this is the season I needed to be in so I can get focused.

If you know someone is bad for you and other people gone ahead and start planning your exit speech because stalling it out and waiting on the other ball to drop is only making a situation worse. It could be a cult or some form spiritual practices you just picked up that is causing a lot of upheaval in your life. Someone may feel like they can’t do something alone but they can because they be hogging everything and not allowing anyone to show them anything anyway. It's like they so dead set on trying to make a dollar out of 15cent that they don’t use the help around them. I just heard the word I quit. Somebody finally got it.

Enjoy your weekend put your car on cruise control and enjoy the ride. Go to the beach, go sit on the river, go for a walk downtown, or walk around mid town. You know when the sun ain’t too hot and when the wind is blowing. When you see the grown folks out and they able to eat they food in peace without all of the social disturbances. Somebody needs a break because I know I sure do. The one where you pack up relocate and don’t look back. Sidebar: How many flights do you take a week because somebody is jet lagged? LIGHTEN YOUR LOAD!



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