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Card For The Week


Grab your tarot deck and pick a single card and see what the card is trying to tell you for the week. For me the card I choose this week is #PYA The Fool card willingly to take new risk, being lighthearted about certain things, #PYA taking what I need and not what I want, and having a certain charisma about certain things. Now this doesn't mean #PYA being fool hearted and being naive about certain things but accepting the serenity about the things I cannot change nor control. It's not my job or your job to accept the karma and energetic weight of anybody else's problems you #PYA didn't make it this far to take on things that are not designed for your path.

It is okay to offer assistance or be of an assistance to someone, but it isn't #PYA your job to play the hero in everybody else's life and leaving yours null and void. This behavior breeds chaos, discontentment, lack of fulfillment, resentment, and lack of time for #PYA the things you need to achieve at the time. Some people may not get it, but it isn't your choice to make them. It is time to fall back in love with your craft #PYA it has been too many disturbances going on and it is leaving you sidetracked. For some this is a major issue while you're trying to achieve #PYA goals your too focused on everybody else's plate and not your own. If you never know what you have to eat how do you know what you are eating. #PYA! The goal is to get focused and get your priorities #PYA align because it has been too much riff raff in the group chat.

This week boundaries maybe calling you because some people maybe crossing that line when it comes to your personal space. Some people can't do the things #PYA you do so if someone doesn't like the fact that you are the star of the show then they need to exit stage left. It isn't about being a narc but it's about respect sometimes people forget how awesome you are so #PYA sometimes it's okay to allow people to admire from the sidelines. Having too many people around #PYA you all the time and not being able to have a moment alone with yourself can wreak havoc on your mental health. Sometimes lines can become blurred where you start to adapt too #PYA much. certain people, places, and things that you never stop to check or even acknowledge what is your proverbial cross to bear. Basically, it's okay to say no. OH, AND IF ITS A LIGHT SKINNED NIGGA WITH DREADS REACHING OUT TO YOU ON MY BEHALF I DONT KNOW THAT MAN FROM A CAN OF PAINT. EVEN HIM AND HIS RAT HEADED ASS GIRLFRIEND. THEY KEEP UP TOO MUCH DRAMA IN THE SPIRTUAL COMMUNITY! HE A GEMINI BY THE WAY.


For singles somebody either leaving a relationship and coming to you let it take its course because it's some stuff the courts settling out and they got some other stuff going on you don't know about going on that will be revealed to you in due time. SEE YOU THIS WEEK EPIODE WE ARE WINGING THIS SHIT!


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