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Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo

Earth Sign Mid Monthly Reading:

The song that first popped in my head was a Beautiful Morning by The Rascals. I will be honest it felt a bit sarcastic when it came across now it may be genuine but it felt like sighs another day on the job. You know you have to get your morning coffee, take a smoke, shit, shave, and shower. It felt a bit routine but your routine could be adjusting to fuckery at hand. Honestly it feels like someone is on a mental plane of the 1960’s rolling into the 70’s only you’ll know by the music that relates to you at times. Spirit said that someone is stuck in the past and doesn’t seem to want to move on either that is living a certain lifestyle, looking for love in all the wrong places, or downright and unwilling to change. I get it we like what we like but when it's a snooze fest and bringing other people down then you can’t get mad when certain people want to leave you alone. Now keep in mind this could be the other person you are dealing with.

I just hear someone saying give it a rest, someone is tired of hearing the same things and doing the same things over and over again. Some of y’all are dealing with a drama queen who is bit of a perfectionist who set these outlandish expectations they can’t achieve because its only for the outside world to perceive them a certain way. (Someone is saying she’s really a bitch though in a condescending joking way.) I get it we have been there when we feel like nothing can change but sometimes do, we ever ask ourselves have I changed my approach to it. Maybe it is time to move in another direction. Don’t be surprised if you are talking to people about the same things and they stop giving you advice. Because someone has been giving out a lot of warnings or telling someone to take heed but someone isn’t listening. We have a know it all and pretend to know it all.

And someone is starting to notice who is real and faker than a two-dollar bill. For as money someone hasn’t been paying, they taxes. Either they scamming getting them PPP loans or need to go to a debt consolidator because it looks like a storm is brewing in the financial department. Someone needs a lawyer and fast not a good one but a realistic one. Somebody has been scamming doing credit card fraud, bank fraud, and phone fraud. What the hell is phone fraud? Never mind I don’t want to know it isn't my business, side eyes. Somebody has a dream they want to pursue but they allow the lack of funds they have to hold them back. It is more than a million ways to skin a cat. Sometimes it's getting an investor, a loan, or pay day loan. Everybody doesn’t have that jump of the porch and fall right into money luck, you have to start somewhere.

If it views on YouTube or reaching a mass following them be consistent but not desperate. One of them videos gone ping. The goal isn't to go viral it is to be seen for your worth which is talented in whatever field you dominate in. Believing in yourself isn't stupid, waiting on someone else to do something for you is quite insane to me. You ain’t got to go home but you have to get the hell up out of here. Someone child is finally going to college and the way they getting ready leave its with ease. For those empty nesters you may be bothered by that because your child seems to be unfazed by you. It's too many narcissistic parents in the world who try to manipulate and control their children's destiny allow them this because once they break away there probably ever going to come back. And we don’t need you down to the nearest therapist clinic complaining about what went wrong. Remember everything in life isn't about you.

Someone is in a one-sided relationship where it's give me this give me that. I don’t know if its attention, love, support or finances. Either you got it or you don’t and it feel like this is someone's attitude. It's like whoever this is, is scared to say what is really is on their mind so they try to have some form an attachment to you by asking for too much or not enough. I heard the word daddy issues. So, someone is trying to replace their feelings for material harvest, sucking off your time, or being needy and intolerable. For some this is a domestic violence relationship where this lady has formed some of an attachment to this man because he financially provides for her. Could be a dude in this situation being abused too. But the lady feels like if she stays willingly in this relationship even though he is insufferable then it should be some reward.

Spirit said this man has told her time and time to leave him alone but she keeps bothering him because she is so accustomed to him bothering her. She doesn’t want to break the cycle mentally so she stays going back to this person out of shear boredom and lack of vulnerability. Someone doesn’t have friends or knows how to make them because they always fall out with them. Either they become too messy or someone is bound to get into a fight or an argument. It's like this person is looking to be loved by people without sharing who they are so the fear of being vulnerable keeps them alone. It's like they have to mentality of saying I’m a fuck up and nobody understands them when they do. They just don’t do anything to understand anybody else.

I do see someone is getting really tired of someone's shit, the mind games, lies, emotional confusion, and playing with someone feelings. Somebody mind is about to made up by somebody real soon whether they like it or not. It's like this choose me or lose me and Leos had that once before ima plug it later. I’m tired boss.



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