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Capricorn Season Tarot Readings


Welp, all the tarot readings are up for the month feel free to check them out in your spare time. If you ain’t doing nothing, then feel free to tell a to friend to watch my shit. A little view ain’t ever hurt nobody I say all the time I ain’t pushing products yet for y’all to buy so be grateful I’m slowly coercing you into something that may or may not change your life. Keep in my tarot readings are for entertainment purposes only if you are substituting them for medical, mental, or overall advice then ion know what to tell you. This is disclaimer purposes you know I have to remind yall every now and again because somebody be ready to challenge a nigga down with, they think price. Sweetie, think over there thank you!

Now before I get out of here, I heard a message about someone shedding spiritual debris that was tending to sacral issues. For some of y’all this may be connected to past life work or this could be past experiences you have in this life. For some I was thinking that majority of most women identity is tethered to a man or what society says she is so certain issues are bound to arise in physical, emotional, or mental form. Sacral energy is really slept on because for many women they have carried pieces of life into their womb. From the babies they have made with men whom they don’t know, the fear or sexual experiences, sexual trauma, and the lack of femininity that seems to be untapped into until you are sexually discovered. Sacral trauma can appear for many reasons for many women. Now keep in mind I am not a gynecologist.

Women who go through child loss, miscarriages, and still birth carry a lingering energy over in their womb. The inability to let a child pass through, accepting that the child was not prepared for life at this time, and sometimes you just weren’t ready. Their can be many spiritual reasons for someone who has experienced such agony with these complications. Some women have experienced these issues for so long that they plague themselves with cures, potions, elixirs, and reiki. First of all, I find sound healing to really be affective when you have a targeted goal such as; seeing your younger self or trying to recant old emotional wounds an actually embracing them.

Everything isn’t magical sometimes it just takes you to find help to magically unlock yourself. Did you know feeling like you haven’t reached to sexual peek can block your sacral chakra as well. The feeling that you don’t have anything to nurture such as kid, job, lover, boo, bae, or even a pet. The ugly duckling phase keep your sacral blocked especially when it comes down to your physical appearance. Having sex to early or out of the need to be liked by a man or woman can block your sacral chakra and cause you to have spiritual debris left over that when its time to brew in something new it seems like it is a fight for your life.

I just wanted to say ima do little bit more altar work so I can find out more information on it and actual sit down so I can gather myself to come to y’all with this information. Don’t be rushing me because I don’t have that safe place yet to freely write my content down and actual go into divination mode to get back into that dope ass content. So, bear with me while I adjust my vision for moving into a new place. Shawty has got to go and do y’all know renter companies in Memphis that’s good that I can hit up that ain’t on no bullshit because I need to move for my sanity and safety. Plug me by the way.


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