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Capricorn Season Energy Read


Do we really have retrograde going on because I keep hearing the words back again those lyrics Nicki Minaj was saying in Big Bank. If you got any users in your life hide your pockets, wallets, skin, time, energy, resources, and everything damn thing. Because you know tax time is right around the corner and everybody gone be needing money so it's gone sound really good to lend it out because they got money coming back in. And for those folks who been struggling this ought to be an eye opener because a motherfucker wouldn’t help you get gas to get to work but they sholl got when you getting taxes. They gone criticize what you spend on and talk about all your problems. I know you sick of that damn cycle spend ya money man wisely and keep folks out of your business.

Now for some this could be offers for as business, sales, and contracts and negotiations. READ YOUR PAPERWORK ITS TO MANY SCAMMERS OUT HERE! YOU JUST WANT TO MAKE YOUR MONEY IN PEACE. Just because something sounds good doesn’t mean it's good for you, sharing is caring, put somebody on if something isn’t for you alert somebody else to that you know is going to appreciate it or need it. Some people gone have to learn this year time is money and they may not like it, it doesn’t give me money making bossy Capricorn aspects it just gives the gloves are off. If you know you are good at something stop devaluing your worth and assets because of the people around you. NOTED! Some people see the vision they just be mad it's not there their vision. Teamwork makes the dream works so be mindful of who you are allowing into your circle. We are in a number seven year and with that being said it is a very karmic number but it is also endings.

So, you may find yourself saying no to opportunities the right way, standing your ground, and developing a spine and liking it. It’s giving closure energy and I like that but if some of you are not ready be honest and stay out of the way of that ex, those conversations, and things that bring up heavy nostalgia. Also be mindful of the gimmick that comes with the new year with certain folks who say they are going to change when the new year starts but they don’t so they play this role that they are going to change, to keep you stuck. Say good bye in French and tell them to kiss it in French. Because if were ending cycles we also have to be aware of the patterns that go on with certain individuals so we can finally tell them good riddance for once.

Consider this to be the leap year or happy year where shifts and changes could be made for positive actions it's just are you going to do it. Oh, in this month I want you to learn the difference between support, positive feedback, and social validation and what that means to you. Because this will help with social interactions and also knowing what friends to bring around and understanding those places you like to reside in, if you know what I mean wink, wink. For those people who like to hang in low places you got to learn how to protect your back and who's going to have your back in those trying times.

Its giving shedding energy and for some of you may not like that because you know its time to change but at the same time you want it too always be the same. Don’t we just love those heavy earth placements Indvidual's who just grip towards the past like a toddler holding a Cheeto. Jesus, they don’t know how to let things go until something drastic happens and even then. For as relationships and love goes it's time to get honest about the things you want and expect from a partner. If you are in a relationship, it's time for romance energy and I don’t mean no damn sex. If it means sex to you because your sex life has been lacking then that’s cool but I'm talking about your emotional needs. You know the moments where you want to say I need a moment, hug, acceptance, time, and just your time. It’s learning how not to be selfish but also not being silent about the things you need.

Nobody wants to read your mind all the time, just because they’re there doesn't mean two people have the same experience. Also, talk less and listen more this doesn't mean to be awkwardly quiet as me but to hear how people feel without being entitled to respond all of the time. This isn’t about you all of the time even if you are trying to help or fix. Let people learn stop treating adults as if they are kids and treating the kids like they are adults. Let people figure it out and then let them seek you out so they can tell you what it is they need. Even if it plagues you the word, is boundaries. KEYWORD: BULLY! NOW I DONT KNOW IF THIS A PERSON OR THINGS PEOPLE DO TO TRY TO TRICK YOU OUT OF YOUR FEELINGS! NO! This want work this year peace isn't a trend it’s a vibe.

Vacation is coming up and I don’t know if you need to plan, if travel is on the board, or you should go out of town by yourself. Do whatever you feel is best for your safety. Crutch came up to so I don’t know if someone is on one or you have to many crutches in your life. And it is time to start walking again by yourself and stop allowing comfort to rob you of your pace. If you got things set in motion then get to going, set a deadline a realistic one, and be strategic about it. One thing you can do in some Capricorn energy is get some shit done but also stay busy with the means of just staying busy for no reason at all because they don’t know how to wind the hell down. It's like let me do this, I need to do this, the kids need this, I forgot to put the thing up, oh I got to go do this. Child, if you don’t get a planner, reminder, sticky notes, and say goodnight.

What's your policy because mines is from 8 a.m.- 8 p.m.? if I cannot get the things, I need done in that timeframe I am not saying it isn't realistic but I am over the stress. I know I can procrastinate and get shit done and be affective but if starts to affect my mood and I start putting me last baby something someone has to go. Because nine times out of ten the person who knows I'm stressing isn't going to help or volunteer because I'm too picky with the way I like things. So, them sitting back understanding the way I like things would be a bonus but baby the way they only want what they want. Is why I had to come up with something that would not allow those to affect me.