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Capricorn Monthly Tarot

Capricorn Monthly Reading

Overall messages mischief, blind faith, drama, you or someone else is always into it with somebody, fast commitments or engagements, sex, too much sex, relocating maybe out of state or moving into a house, downsizing, and when will you get off the merry go round.

Child, I started not to do y’all messages because it’s a few Capricorns who been getting on my nerves and let me say it ain’t been pretty. I am all for fun and games but manipulation, lying, gaslighting, and constant drama baby that’s not my thing. You might want to check out Virgos monthly reading because they had some of same things going on. I see somebody trying to come out on top regardless of how anybody feels be mindful of those who praise your ego because the wheel of fortune is reversed. Are they going to be there when the times get tough? I see somebody trying to defy the odds by any means necessary it may have something to do with work or some get rich quick scheme involved that may land in some legal cases being expedited.

And somebody don’t want to settle or payout so it may revert to social media tactics, bullying, smear campaigns, and the works. It’s giving messy and unwarranted if its not you then baby, I see you trying if it is you then Godspeed because I don’t have time for that. Whoever this is they think this is a challenge and they have a point to prove and they will prevail by any means necessary. I see this ending in an unnecessary fight because somebody doesn’t know how to walk away and stop trying to prove themselves. Baby you don’t want to go through an ego death because that is one that no man can compete with. I see somebody trying to come to someone home and it doesn’t look like they are letting them or you in. Somebody tired of fighting with them and they don’t give a damn anymore.

They block communication with you or you with them because it is a constant merry go round. It is like someone is competing for the throne it maybe or mother daughter dynamic. Like somebody trying to lil nigga somebody like they run the place and they are bringing nothing but drama. I mean the works I’ll watch out for this because somebody may be faking panic attacks, sickness, and all types of illness to get back in. I’m saying to myself WTH! Some of y’all pregnant and moody for no damn reason and its leading to fights watch them hormones you gone end up alone. Or better yet piss on a stick or set up that doctor’s appointment cause child ain’t nobody got time for that. Resolve your conflicts so they can finally go away being stubborn and stalling is only making things worse.

Rap it up and move on even if the other party doesn’t want to don’t nobody got time for that. If you can’t seem to get away from this person I see why you or someone else is willing to relocate or leave because there is no winning this battle. If somebody runs after you, they get mad or you run after the other it’s like they get mad, who the hell do I please in this scenario? Ask yourself how did this drama start in the first place? Somebody maybe coming out of jail so they ain’t on they good foot. And another scenario a is person coming down from some heavy spell work maybe a love spell or sex magic that had them discombobulated. And let me you they ain’t getting they energy back so fast because whoever this was mad ass hell and maybe in the dark arts.

Whoever this is in that same sex relationship just go find you somebody that like peace because don’t nobody got time to be arguing and making up with sex. That’s so 2000 baby. Somebody keep getting breadcrumbed when it comes to money maybe you are the magician, and they slow pay you. If so I see some illness falling over you or you doing it to someone else one be careful because its breaking even on the karma and I hope you ready for the price you paying. Because whoever this is, is selfish and never let things go so that energy has to go somewhere. Because if you casting against on somebody who is a magician its going back to you and the person who paid for it. You might not be into to magic so just skip this scenario because I stay telling somebody send that shit back.

If you ain’t offending nobody and a person find a way to take time out of they day to cast against you, you better send it back without love and light. Because its too many people who are immature playing with magic and they ass know they don’t have the heart to be a dark worker or light worker. Somebody gifts are dying off because some of y’all need a chakra cleanse or finally admit that you need help. Someone is depressed and too scared to admit it. Someone may have lost someone in their family so my condolences to you. Its never hard losing a loved one so I hope you find peace in this midst of your struggles.

Something keep reverting me back to a court case could you please wrap this up because it keep coming back out. Someone is struggling with codependency issues and find it hard to be alone at this time and family may not be the best fit for some of you. Because someone is wanting to be around people who have been through what they have been through. That is dangerous because if they haven’t healed you can easily go back down a path that you don’t want to. Be mindful with your emotions they can lead you to some dark places. #PYA! The only way to go up is to start to make forward movement to where it is you want to go. Its time to step out of your comfort zone and say goodbye to the past. When we shed, we grow, but it also leads us on a path to receive. -Marshae

Oh, I forgot to add y'all songs Player Baby Come Back and Billie Ellish Bad Guy. I took a picture of this cards when I finished the ready to show y'all that certain things a getting repetitive. :-)


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