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Capricorn Monthly Reading


KEYWORDS: Triggered, unanswered questions, inability to focus, lying ass ex, return to sender, broadcast, focal point, cleansing rituals, protection magic, and a short vow of celibacy ☹️ sad face!

CHANNELED SONGS: Girls Need Love To by Summer Walker, Walking On a Dream by Empire, Pumped up Kicks Foster the People, and I Can Explain Rachelle Ferrel!

Someone may be embarking on a twin flame journey and let me tell you somebody is greedy as hell. Now this doesn't have to be a bad thing but this could be someone that wants all of your time and the spirit is using smitten. What age is you? And yes I wrote that right. Either they are old, you are old, or you are not from the United States? That's some down south country and up north niggatry there but nevertheless outside of the U.S. France to be exact. Some of you have the story of the Lady and Tramp coming across in this message. Some of you need to reconnect to your inner child so watching this movie may bring some form of excitement for you. But for my folks who don't want to watch the movie. It's basically a movie about two different people from different financial classes and they end up falling in love. They go through challenges that may or may not break the relationship up.

Someone is accustomed to a certain lifestyle while the other likes to live life on the fritz. And some of y’all maybe hitting a couple of rough patches if you know what i mean. This could lead to indifferences on how you raise kids, what children are supposed to be exposed to, how you spend money, financial playing, savings, health, longevity, and everything else. Let me find out your daddy got some money. It’s just jokes, I'm kidding. But some of you have your work cut out because love isn’t enough to sustain a connection between y’all. Because if we are talking about the literal movie she came from a wealthy home. And when you aren’t cognizant of what you expose people to, you have to take into account what monsters you are creating.

We see this dynamic play out all of the time when a rich guy meets the rich broke girl and gifts her the whole world. Love becomes challenging because it’s never enough of what you do to love someone; it becomes about finances. And in order to keep the money afloat someone has to work all of the time. And you know what comes with being away from home, another woman or another man. Especially when conflict is on the table and it doesn't know how to be resolved properly. It doesn’t have to be always cheating, it could be who they are allowing themselves to share emotional space with. You see this all the time when a man forgets to take the woman out and she becomes consumed with the kids. The sex life fails, the lust leaves, the romance dies off, the chemistry is a hit or miss, and the physical attraction can become aggravation.

So, the need to be realistic can be a challenge for some people with a financial status or dating someone of stature. Because you're so focused on not having to do the mundane things when it is the mundane things that creates room for you to love easily. Now on the flip side someone has been doing libations and divinations. Your ancestors have been saying I heard you looking for me, “bitch here I go”! In my Kash Doll voice. What is that you want? Now, I don't know if someone has been trying to connect with your ancestors and they've been hitting them with a heisman. But child, someone may ned to stop. Now, if you don't know what you doing to connect with them just put something on the altar for them like you always do, light a candle, and go on by your merry little way until it is revealed to you. Now, I would say go to a medium but the way I been scammed and the collective by spiritualists now may not be the time.

But hey you are sovereign ruler over that fleshy vessel of yours so do what you want. Just make sure you take your common sense and I don't want to hear what I told you so. But to be honest they don't want to be disturbed it’s showing me the graves switching around underground. I don’t know if they are cool with their next door neighbor in the ground so when you call on them you are calling on other spirits. So, it’s like the spirit is tricking whoever this is that is hardheaded. Because they have been stealing graveyard dirt from people's ancestors' graves, summoning spirits, using ouija boards, and calling themselves an upcoming shaman and medium. Leave that to the grown folks and professionals please. Some people are going to learn to stop touching shit; they ain’t called for because they see everybody doing something on social media.

Don’t let them run you out of your house and have people looking at you crazy because you can’t explain what you saw. Now, when the next person goes in there they aren’t affected by what happened, only you because you didn’t know what you were doing. Y’all gone stop listening to these people that are telling y’all to avoid tradition and that you can do whatever you want to do. Just make sure you are doing your monthly maintenance to keep up with you and feel free to keep up with the monthly message for Scorpio Season.


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