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Capricorn Monthly Reading


MESSAGE: Don’t go messing with a snake and getting mad that it bites. CAPRICORN, LIBRA, AQUARIUS, GEMINI, PISCES, VIRGO, SAGITTARIUS. So emotional – Day 26.

Somebody maybe looking for love now this could show up in your relationship, business affairs, or just a general support system. I don’t know if someone is doing some form of soul searching or someone has alienated themselves from a group of individuals. For some of y’all you may be cutting someone off because you have someone that be crossing your boundaries when it comes to spiritual practices. This could be someone that is gone off of deep end when it comes to magic. It's like do you want to see a trick, and someone is slicing open an animal with some form of gratification and I see one of you saying WTF silently. For some of you this may have interested you at one point at time when it came to rituals but it's getting out of hand. Like someone maybe possessed or something by a spirit and it’s getting the best of them.

I hope and pray someone ain’t playing with the dead because you got a spirit that is ready to attach itself to you or someone you know. Now you may be a spellcaster but somebody is gone off of the deep end. For some you have someone who basically put a little bit of themselves in these rituals when they prepare this spell work. It’s like this person slices a piece of themselves away that they don’t like and hoping this energy can go somewhere. And this person maybe under a spiritual psychosis, I hope and pray like hell nobody ain’t sending this to you because it's some mean intentions on this. Please do your return to senders and protection work. Because someone is gone off of the deep ends and it’s giving mental health awareness. This person turns into another person once this ritual is done and feels happy about their results.

What the fuck as I type this? For some of you may have to chalk up your losses because this person may be gone. I mean the vessel is there but there isn’t a soul attached to the body from all of animal sacrifices that has been done with ill intent. It could be doing something too much to the point of no return or this could be someone who doesn’t listen to spirit when they say “ENOUGH”. This person may show signs of remorse, they may even mirror the person you used to know. It’s all subconscious programming baby. It's like the body is split into two and the mind is saying they don’t like him or her which is the male/women that is present at this state and time. And drugs or alcohol do not do this person any good because one of these sprits is aggravated by happiness, hope, and sanity. Someone may not even remember their dreams or downloads.

Now this could be the ritual someone is performing when it comes to the mind to have someone going crazy. For others you may feel light as feather when you get up, if you ever tried grounding yourself for ten minutes after you awake, I bet you’ll feel heavy as shit when you get up. Because this is someone who is trying to steal someone's soul essence. I don't know if it is a spirit someone is using or one that is trying to get you from making a demonic pact with it. All I know is I don’t like it if I'm being honest. Them psychedelics be whooping somebody’s ass because it has someone seeing shit that isn’t even present in the moment. For others you have someone who be having meltdowns because they can’t into someone energy field. Girl bye.

Oo, I see we got somebody mad in the group chat because they don’t want, they business out in these streets so they are slanging that big dawg magic. For others it’s secrets in family dynamic that some people don’t want exposed so, you got some kinfolks that’s doing magic because they want someone to shut up. They fear you, getting to the truth because this exposed their lies. And their lies don’t always have to be what they said about you, it could be them truths they ain’t ready to face. Them skeletons in the closet looking real see through right now. Because somebody is going to find out why Uncle So and So left and never came back. Somebody is going to find out some real truths so they finally can put something to bed for good and once and for all. Because somebody has had it up to here with they shit, your shit, and my shit.

The ones that don’t want to face the truth is the ones that’s doing the most when it comes to magic because they have created an aesthetic based off an memory of who they are not. I keep telling y’all to leave some people alone they don’t be ready to go there. I keep saying everybody doesn’t need to know magic or be tricked out of their religion. Because trying to awaken certain people ain’t for weak because some people like to substitute spirituality for being a cunt. Somebody may go cold turkey on you on an everyone especially if you are confronting them about their behavior because they didn’t think you knew the whole time, they were full of shit. This may even be a reader, practitioner, or an herbalist who lies about doing dark magic. They gouped people into thinking they were a healer only for financial gain and turned everybody against each other.

They even played people like they were having some form of miraculous healing when the whole time they had been energy harvesting off of people. Putting a psychic block here, a glamour spell there, cord here, hydromancy there, and playing in the dream state to alter how you feel about people. Baby, somebody gave y’all a run for your money. And the only thing this person thinks about is how they can redeem themselves so their spirit can get another chance to do something all over again. Whether this is with a spirit or guide. Someone likes to drink and listen to songs from the era of Mahlia Jackson and alters the drinks to confuse the mind of the person they are around to manipulate the subconscious. It's like writing this one of y’all was standing and almost passed out and don’t know what the fuck happen.

It was setup and I don’t know why, it’s kind of like a fatal attraction going on here. I don’t know if you was energy harvesting off of someone already and tried to go back for spiritual protection or a charge up off of someone. But this person knew all along what was going down they played on your ego and insecurities. Because this person found a weak spot and seen an area where you weren't confident that you confided in them about and they exploited it to the fullest. You could possibly be a person who doesn’t have a healthy ego. Now, I am not saying that you don’t exude confidence but when it comes to you and matters of the heart they know you feel like you don’t deserve to be loved. I'm sorry if this is graphic but this is the message that is coming across.

To them you looked like a meal ticket, a friend to them, and someone they could turn over to the dark side and lose yourself like they did. It's like someone is saying there is no God he failed us all and you went right alone with it when the whole time they have seen this person’s face in vision. And this is why they be on those spiritual conquest like with drugs, sex, and ritualistic practices to prove that he is real. But right now, you may be feeling a little bit bruised because in order to free yourself you had to face the person who you were. And that is the inner you, the you, you hide from the real world, the hurt little girl or boy who was wounded or possibly molested, abandoned, sold off, tortured, and abused as a kid. And this truth is taking a lot out of someone and even having them nauseous down to their stomach.

Ima be honest this person feels no remorse for the pain that they cost. I'm sorry to be the barrier of the bad news but they just didn’t care. They lost themselves a long time ago so, it was never about you. They deem themselves courageous when they are cowards because their truth weakens. They aren’t even a vibrating match for themselves, this is why they hurt others. The truth hurts when you are living a lie. So, I think it’s best to get out of the way while you mourn who you used to be and who they were to you, and the love you thought you needed that was disguised in pain. I'm fina go this is too emotional for me have a good night. TATA


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