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Capricorn Monthly Reading

Capricorn Monthly Reading:

Some of y’all could have a child that’s coming in too puberty and it is time to have the talk about sex. Now the conversation may roll into to good touch bad touch or what is appropriate when it comes to people. Now you can have younger kids this isn’t to scare you or cause fear but creating a foundation where your child can freely express their concern about who makes them feel uncomfortable even if they are an adult just be a thing in a parent child dynamic. Spirit said be weary of who you have your children around even if they are a family member, I supposed to been dropped a blog about that.

Now adults you could be sick of someone or someone is sick of you because all they think about is sex. Now the conversation or relationship gets nowhere from sex. Even if you go out on a date it's always a topic of sex or someone wanting just have sex with you. I’m not saying that you aren’t attracted to this person but sometimes you wish the relationship could be more than what it is. Even you feel that way ask yourself why are you settling? If you know you deserve better then go get it, it may not come with ease but striving for it is an achievement within itself. It seems like you may be going stir crazy constantly worrying about a person, place, or thing. And it is giving toxic and emotionally draining.

You can’t change someone into something they don’t want to be, you have to accept that because if you don’t you will always experience some conflict in your personal relationships. If we being honest someone may not satisfy their partner the way they think they do. Someone's looking for more of emotional connection to know that this person care versus a partner who is just trying to get it done. So, sex has become more of a chore than a freeing intimate session. It’s like if you don’t bust thang open then it's nothing on the table. Is this a fling baby if so, go buy yo ass a toy and call it a night. For some of y’all somebody has a partner coming in and it may lead to marriage. And if you don’t heal now and rap these things up you are going to project and take this energy out on your partner.

And you will be back in the same energetic cycles of yearning for the old and running back to that toxic ex who does nothing for you but use you. Whether that be emotionally, mentally, financially, or spiritually. Someone likes to complain about what didn’t work out because someone doesn’t like to look at themselves and they blame everybody else. Perfect patty can’t do wrong and but they sho’ll can project everything on everybody. Your decisions are your decisions and not no one else when you learn that you create and trigger cosmic events you’ll learn where you keep placing your time isn't so valuable. On the flip you have to stop taking every opportunity that come your way because some of these situations are divinely traps or booby traps.

You could be dealing with someone who always like to set people up and they do it emotionally. They like to hold on to shit and say this is the reason I'm doing this to you, Spirit said for some this is why you don’t have no friends now. They tired boss some of them feel like they can’t get through to you so they allow you move and act as such because they don’t want to deal with the lion. You may be an emotionally bully projection your pain, or insecurities onto people thinking that is what friends are for, when they are not. When someone tries to have that emotional break through you shut that shit down and walk away. It's giving strong black mama teas I said what I said and get out my face. Even when you are wrong.

Something you did spiteful to someone maybe coming out about you trying to block them at a job, a career move, money wise, trying to cause problems to someone psychical appearance maybe spinning the block. And it doesn’t look so pretty for the karma someone maybe going through. It may be showing up in career loss, financial loss, sickness, and general health issues. But whoever this they hard headed anyway and don’t believe fat meat greasy so they’ll learn how they learn. You can't tell everybody everything. Because some of y’all you sitting around a hater that’s telling all of your business to an outside source. So, if you have been working on a creative project, they telling everybody how you do what you do. If this isn't time to chop up shop and say goodby and good riddance. This may even lead someone to being extorted into doing something they don’t want to do.

Some of y’all need to put boundaries between your baby mama because she thinks she can get away with certain shit. Maybe it's because she looks a certain way or she play innocent but she is chaotic and messy is ass hell. And spirit says you know because everybody keeps saying the same thing. Nigga if you don’t let your damn nuts drop. You don’t have to hit her or get all irate just get some boundaries. It's okay to leave her out of certain conversation everything isn’t needed for her to be involved. Are y’all married if not it ain’t that much I have to care about my child's safety going on. Because she knows how to wind you up and you project that shit onto other people. I don't know if y’all work in the same environment but baby it makes people feel as if they shouldn’t come to work. This may end in some one losing a job because of their behavior.

Somebody been trying to work with higher beings doing summoning spells and they have infected the house or a place with bad spirits. And now they are in search for herbs or a specialist to remove this because for some this shit in your body. For some they have been working with death magic and this shit is on them and got them paranoid and always thinking people after them. And this is why they keep experiencing loss after loss because they had massive intentions on trying to take someone out. And whoever this is they carry a seed of doubt with them so they know how to sully anybody plans or hope in anything. Take about a mood killer and a negative nancy.

Also, someone has been dabbling in love spells so if someone has this unwanted attraction to you, it backfired on them. You could probably tell this person to go do anything and they would do it because they under someone else’s control. Its eerie when you think about because this person doesn’t even think for themselves and everybody sees this and don’t say anything. They terrible by the way but sometimes you can be so far gone that you have to learn the lesson the hard way. It's like after this person does fucked up shit to you that is when they recognize they in love with you. WTH!

And if you are trying to get over someone this person may go off and have sex with this person just so you can be so turned off by them. They feel you will always forgive them so they do stuff like this thinking it is for your greater good. What in the vampire movie is this? It’s like you haven't been paying attention to anything this person has done until it all hits the fan and now you're like what am I supposed to do. For some this maybe the tipping of the iceberg and have you ready to walk way because somebody is on, their last leg. Meaning they worked so hard for something. And had so much hope in something and you or someone else came in with the intent to destroy it.

And this leaves someone in disgust with them and making you feel like the relationship irreparable. I blame this person and you because you were so focused on being important and the only priority that they never checked this behavior now this came at their demise. And also, you because while you were so focused on your needs you forgot everything isn’t about you. If you in love with this person just say that because it's giving more than just friends if you know what I mean. Do that at your own risk because one of y’all don’t love somebody the way you pretend too. And this may come off as a to shocker to you because you be so obsessed with yourself that this may put you in the midframe of why they don’t want me.

It seems like it’s a pattern playing out in your life and you're not paying attention to none of the signs and this could be starting with your dating life. You put too time and interest into your love life and this message shows this. Because I was hoping the reading was going to go further into the top message. But hold your head up lil nigga and get back in the game.



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