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Capricorn Monthly Love Reading



Well, I guess somebody in a sexual fling with someone and they know it. Because the song I heard was Jump by Rihanna and if you don’t know that song then you should probably give it a listen. Somebody is possessive and cocky about what they do in the bed room but emotionally I don’t know where you are in this reading. Hopefully we can find you half way through. I heard but look don’t touch, ask you won’t receive, and last but somebody call the shots. Is this BDSM and is someone a masochist?

I heard that it is time to step into your feminine side this could be being more softer in your approach with people or more girly girl. Now girly girl may or may not be your thing especially if you are gender neutral or more masculine. This could be a suit with a tie, softer curls, coming out of the seductiveness, or for some going into a more seductive approach. It is time to find better ways to emotionally unwind if you are a balling as nigga or woman then it's time to start putting spa days on your calendar at least once a month because someone is temper mental. Someone could be pregnant and annoying just simple as that. And you or the person who is pregnant is driving everybody up a wall. I heard they are too needy and emotionally unstable. It could be someone firsts child or they haven't been pregnant in a long time.

If you and your partner are having disagreements it's because y’all spend more time putting everybody into the relationship than y’all actually do yourself. It could be friends, family, job, loved ones, or even your parents. It's time to stop people pleasing and go after who or what you want for real this time. Somebody is still in love with someone and they send them gifts every now and again. If we are being honest, they always send you or you are always sending them something. It may be a crush that never went away or lover who it so gun ho on making you believe they have changed. Whether they have or not you aren't paying them no mind because somebody values their parents more than their partner. Are y’all teenagers or not?

Somebody is going to have to learn that everybody is going to talk and have some forms of an opinion so why are you so worried about what everybody else thinks. It's time to release that old lover that you been holding onto and trying to put everybody to shame. Nobody cares but you either y’all gone work it out or you finally going to move on. To be honest this has held your dating life up for a long period of time and left you unhappy. It’s a child that is afraid to leave the nest so they stay dating the same and doing the same things because they are scared to try anything new. Can we talk about resentment?

Because they either always have someone or you do and this causes problems because somebody is always worried about who you dating and what you got going on. Could be dating a Leo and good luck with that. I don't know what is your spiritual preferences but you kinda hold yourself back a lot could be fear, anxiety, depression, but somebody definitely is stuck in a rut. And they need to find themselves out of that. It could be you or them but somebody is going to get shook and cut off.

If finances are the problem, then someone is going to have to find some form or independence because their lover is stingy or financial controlling. Now an argument or a fight maybe on the precipice because it is time to move and somebody has to down size. I heard budget cuts because someone is trying to save right now and they tired of the unnecessary spending. If your sugar daddy been acting funny it's because someone is tired of somebody not saving, they money. Speaking of moving somebody has a fear of staying by themselves and I don’t know why. For the others with kids y’all just want your kids or children out your bed so you can finally sleep peacefully at night. Somebody tired of hearing mama I'm thirsty, I'm hungry, and I can’t sleep.

It’s at a point where motherhood is so overwhelming for someone that they ready to drop the kids off and never come back. Somebody puts to much pressure on themselves to be the best wife or husband. For others it’s the fact you are married to someone and you share finances so someone maybe threating them to stay in the relationship for money. And that shit is horrible. This leaves someone discombobulated and they can’t focus under heavy pressure it may be time to hire a nanny or a live-in maid. Because this is affecting someone's mental health horribly and they suffer with tension headaches and they don’t want to get that checked out. Could be postpartum or a midlife crisis.

Somebody has a way with words and they are a smooth talker so this leaves someone confused because this person money long and they can buy me, you, the dog, cat, and the house if they want to. But emotionally that shit is stressful as fuck. You may have to be honest and sit down with your partner and be real about where you are now because all that fucking shit played out and somebody needs more. This person is set in they ways so you may have to move on or deal with better options in this scenario. Somebody has been shot or shot at and I think they got PTSD and it's time for them to go the therapy like for real. This has them nervous, paranoid, jumpy, and always aggravated.

This can be hard dating somebody acting like they sane when they ain’t. Unchecked mental health problems lead to actually diagnoses and you know y’all don’t like to feel like you crazy. This is why they like to have sex all the time and I bet you be drained as hell. Libido high as hell and emotionally on mars.


Word for the day and the rest of the month is whoosa! Inhale big breathes and exhale baggage.


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