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Capricorn Energy Reading

Updated: Jan 12, 2023



Arguments and missed communication. Either someone isn't listening to understand or listening to hear. There is an expectation of needing to be right when wrong because of looks someone may glamourize their actions when it comes to this. Sex may be a prominent thing at this state and time I don’t know if someone uses this method to get their way but someone is sick of it. I mean for some I hear somebody saying its cute but something has to change. Someone has this do I say but not as I do and that is misleading when it comes to things. Either you are on or off and this is a common thing for you or either you or someone find ways to self-sabotage their connections. And some has a massive codependency when it comes to sex it’s like someone is a sex addict and they don’t know.

Either someone needs to go get checked for ASD or lay off of the drugs and alcohol for a bit because it's getting you into some dangerous things. I’m hearing fatal attraction and for some and someone may have stalker or someone who is a threat to you or someone livelihood. For this is a constant thing I don’t know if someone is young or young minded and they think this is cute. Baby you only got one time and I promise you I'm out. You not fina be showing me you crazy 1000 ways and want me to stay. Someone also struggles with forgiveness I don’t know if it is them, the accuser, or abuser. It’s a constant rodeo of feeling like someone or something is never good enough for you people, places, or things. It’s a merry go round and someone doesn’t want to get off and they always land back in the same place.

For some you are tired of hearing the same old things but somebody doesn’t want to give it up or grow up. Childhood wounds and mothering maybe coming up if you are a parent or you are the child. Someone is ready to deal with the drama and emotional confusion but at the same time they not ready for the blow back. Like avoiding their feelings, being dismissive to others, being cold hearted and manipulative, and constantly detaching from people around them. Someone has this mentality that everybody is going to leave them when they really be pushing people away. If isn't fighting and arguing it’s lets have sex and make up. And sex isn’t going to fix every wound you have it just substitutes the remedy for the emotions at hand. And keep in mind it doesn’t have to be you this could be someone you know or you.

You have a Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius, and a Gemini that is tired of the games and wants some truth about something you did or your involvement in something. Whether it's something you did with a baby, money, resources, cash, and some assets. This has been and ongoing argument and it seems to never end because it always goes with blame and someone keeps bringing up what other people did. It’s a situation where everybody is wrong but somebody has to be the person that is the wrongest. It’s giving siblings where they pointing fingers and say this one told me to do this and I did this but I didn’t do that. It's like everybody has they own moral compass and principles so when it comes to this disagreement it goes back to feelings then the problem or argument resurfaces. It’s the same cycles and the fall out again.

If it is a family situation why do y’all keep having these sit-down meetings where it is bound to go wrong because whoever set these meetings up, they don’t like you. And you know this so these coming to Jesus' moments seems calculated and charged when it’s supposed to go in a different direction. Either it’s dinner situations or someone trying to change the setting to get a different reaction to something. It’s like people want some emotional response from you when it comes down to you or someone's actions. It's like the healing work you need to do for yourself these people want you to show that you have atoned by having an authentic cry or saying sorry and mean it. You know those moments on intervention where the whole family is crying and having a soul shower, they want this from you and for you. Meanwhile you haven’t showed genuine emotion or expressions since a kid because somebody feels they had to be this way.

Either that is stepping into being the oldest sibling or being the parent when you didn’t want too. For others you had a mom who was on drugs and she lost herself so you resented the role you had to be for others and not yourself. This could be growing up too fast and a parent either cut you down and put too much expectations on you to be the first to accomplish and do something. So, the love life you wanted or to be single made you feel like you had to settle and this is what it takes to accomplish hard work. It’s giving practical and logical but with a bit of an ice coldness attached to it. But this is the reality you had to adapt to and it made you resent your mother and you treat your kids as such. You may think you are being loving because this is the only way you know how to relate to life because of the expectation you had to be something you are not.

It's like you don’t know how to live again, let your hair, and enjoy a cool breeze. So, the things others seek enjoyment in you generally don’t like it and it’s not because of hate it’s because you don’t know how to. Your lack of childhood experiences has killed off the inner youth in you. I don’t know if you got in trouble for a boy when you were younger and that set the tone. Because that memory made you decide that I don’t ever want to get in trouble again or listen to nobody no more. Meanwhile your siblings got to do the total opposite of you like go out and play, talk on the phone with boys, and hang out with their friends. Some of them even snuck boys in the house while you covered for them. And this leads you till this day cleaning up their mess when they are totally competent of doing it on their own. So, the things you do they don’t like because you treat them as the kids they still are till this day and you won’t tell them this. But when you do or if you do this may come off as hate.


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