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The message that came across was to be awakened to new ways of life. Now this could be to restore your balance in life or to establish a connection to your inner child. Now for some people that can be a challenge but knowing what it is you lack and need at times is very important. Someone maybe trying to invite to a wedding or an event where there is conflict around and be mindful because your cheery energy may be dampened by the enviorment. Now, this could be outings with friends or the couple that is always in fights, arguments, or disarray. If you don’t want to be a counselor or a voice of reason pick your batttles wisely. For my singles you have someone that is playing match maker in the group chat and this may not be your type. This person maybe selfish, immature but on an emotional level, or downright hardheaded. Baby, is this a child? Cause if so tap the fuck out and get on down we to grown to be dealing with strife and conflict all of the time.  


While for some you gone take the bait because you feel like let me see if I still got it only to end up in a conflict about your child or something with a child. Now, this could be someone calling someone to a fight or to have an altercation with someone while another person isn’t knoweldgable of this. It’s like this slick envy or hatred someone has for someone has crept the hell up out of nowhere. It’s been there the whole time but if you have been party and drinking heavily you didn’t know this. This may have resulted into some form of an injury and someones body isn’t healing as fast as it should. Be mindful because this persn aim is to mess up someone face or your ablity to get back up. It could be a humilation tactic this person has or to punk you out in front of someone and somebody ain’t going for that.  


For as finances someone is being cut off or let go from a job. Baby, whoever this is terrible and lazy at it too. I'm sorry I'm just the messenger. For others this could be someone constantly asking for advancements only to never finish what is it you are looking from them. It could something with the media, public, and home. On the flipside this is someone who constanly asking for favors it’s like damn how many times you gone ask me to do this? You are going to have to establish a boundary because this sitaution is just going to cost you more money and resources. It could be your energy, to the point you end up being exhausted and feeling like you lack time with yourself. Causing you to feel doubt when it comes to your creative endeavors, goals, dreams, or anything in life. I just heard give it a break because someone just keeps being stir crazy on a issue and its driving evreybody insane. To the point it has everybody ready to bite off each other face. Not literally but figuratively.  


Itc could have been money made off a sitauion while for some it was never distributed to its rightful owner and that is what is causing chaos because somebody had no business getting it or being invlovled in someone else affairs. For others this maybe a global issue too that maybe happening with people checking accounts, banking, or how people receive their income. It could be due to hackers, theft of idenity, insurance fraud, financial loans, and check fraud. Child, some of y’all messy I just told y’all a month ago, last week, and even now to stay out of peoples business. Now lets get back on this toxic ass relationship somebody in because somebody ever see that they are wrong when it comes down to their doings. It's like this person think you love me so they feel like they can take advantage of this.  


This could be to stop you from moving on in love whil this person has no good intentions when it comes to love. I am not saying that this isn’t love but its how they show it that’s the problem. It comes with difficulties that shouldn’t be there it’s just dowright stubbornness and inablity to listen to the things you have to say. It’s like im going to talk over you, I'm going to do what I want until you see that I'm right all along. Some of you, if you not paying attention you may repeat the same lesson you went through with your baby daddy. This could’ve been the reason why you guys have broke up in the first place but spirit said it’s a lesson you have to learn. It could be to compromise, learning how to stand up for yourself, learning how to issue love without the harshness, or being okay with the fact that people don’t have to change when you say they have to. Sometimes people use love as an excuse to do the things they do because they don’t want to move out of the realm of fear.-#PYA 


Moral of the story watch what you give your attention to because something or someone is draining and deceptive. For others spirit is basically knocking your hand out the way because you keep trying to help folks who left your ass out in the cold. No matter how bad they look spirit said it ain’t your job because this person was dead set on doing again. It's like bringing a snake back to life only for that motherfucker to bit your ass again.  


CANCER: STOP, GOING BACK TO WHAT BROKE YOU IN THE FIRST PLACE! If it is a mentality, habit, idea, or people it’s time to wrap it up. Spirit been letting you handle this on your own for the longest and you have been getting some aggressive ass pushes from spirit. It's like keep on walking that same path and watch out how you keep getting roadblocks. Don’t go crying to spirit when they been letting you slide on by. Now for some this could be a person in your life because it is another thing after another thing. For some of you, you have developed some form of war wounds this could be a mental thing or an emotional thing and it shows up in your activites with others. Either you wear it on your face or it’s the things you say. I just heard defensiveness. Now, I'm iffy on this because some people use this on people who they can’t manipulate. For others it could be the trauma some one has been through that makes the connection they have with people either turn sour really quick. Have you ever heard somebody talk about something and they let they guard with the same type of people who hurt them. Yes, this is you. And sometimes you wonder how they hell I ended up there in the first palce, being so standoffish. It's a time to fight and it’s time to listen. In the words of my late great uncle listen with your eyes and watch your ears.  


SCORPIO: EARTH MAGIC. Yes, this is where I ball the hell out at. For those who don’t know I love earth magic and you can’t tell me nothing. Now this could be with health though someone has to change their diet, incorporate vitamins and certain herbs, it could be for the digestive system, or to buy more plants for the home and outside the place. Ones that is good for happines, emotional space, and enjoyment. Plants have energy too other than magical uses and to be rolled up in dutch paper. For my people who have animals its time to spruce up the farm. Now, this could be for weather purposes I don’t think this summer gone summer like it usually does. It could be taxing so if you know it’s gone take time gone ahead and start making plans now because the winter coming up. It could be to get heated lights, automatic feeders, better water systems, or a change in food. For others you should probably start meditating outside with a yoga mat. It could be for 15 or 20 minutes no less. I'm just the messenger. Somebody has to learn how to connect with spirit without asking for shit all of the time. I thought y’all message was gone be long but that’s it. 


PISCES: TO THE SALON! I just wanted to say that. Now, you could be yearning for more out of life this could be to reconnect with family and friends. Now hold up because did y’all fall out or you just grew apart from them. If so take into account of the relationship so you can adjust your expectations of where they are and you. Because this doesn’t gives lonely its gives escapsim like being so tried of the mundane and needing an outlet but the people you maybe connecting with maybe drama starters. It's like clicking up with old friends only to see they still on that same shit. Except this time someone is siting on the sideline like how the fuck can I get away from them . I told them where I live, they got my social media, they know where I work, and they have my real number. It's gone be hard to get out of this one because this person or group is looking for that old you, to get buck wild. Let loose and do the old shit you did because that’s who they are it’s not saying they are bad people but they just not your right now people. It’s the equivalent of going back to the hood to see your people but end up staying to long with your people. And this is a battle of power because its isn’t external it is internal it’s the road you choose because the acceptance you seek is inside of you not outside of you. Spirit is giving you the answers its just are you going to listen because this isn’t the blue print, play by play message. No, it’s that I've raisied you enough that I believe you can make the decison that is best for you. Spirit isn’t rejecting you it’s seeing what you are made of. Ase, Blessed it Be, Mote it Be, Selah. 



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