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Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces


Hello from the other side is a song that came across as a message and I immediately thought ancestors. You have an ancestor that is trying to get in contact with you and they want to know how are you. I don’t know if you haven't been giving offerings, going by the gravesite, or even acknowledging them by doing the things they want you to do. I heard sleeping on your gifts. You may be working a job you don’t like or you aren't utilizing your actual talents so that you can win. Jesus, damn I felt this so hard. So, they feel like you aren't paying attention to certain things, you aren't being appreciative, not living in the moment, or you are doing things you're not supposed to be doing. Somebody maybe depressed and not being honest about it, I feel a heavy emotional turmoil that is over you or someone in your life.

You also have a rain man energy around that don’t want you to live in the moment this could stem from jealously or the need to constantly one up you. Like a show down or someone who is always trying to prove that you are wrong but it comes from a hateful energy. So, it leaves you having to go over and beyond so you may end up focusing or working on the wrong things that do not require your time and efforts. Say no is the word I heard. Because this particular person who maybe spiteful for no reason and that is a battle you can’t win because it only comes with destruction. You may have some work place drama playing out because someone wants you to choose a side and you feel like they will handle it on they own. Now in most cases you may be right but in this one you may be wrong because decisions maybe trying to be made on your behalf.

Because to this person you are deemed incompetent in their eyes so at any given time, they will try to prove that you are less than, less deserving, or just downright stupid. Ooo wee this is some nasty energy its generally giving evil eye energy. Because somebody wants what you have whether that be luck, success, love, support, or even attention. This person feels like you always get away with anything because they too focused on what you doing that, they can't focus on what they got going on. I heard Gemini and the paragraph before was Aquarius. And to my toxic water signs this is you as well because you got some beef with a water sign, earth sign, and a fire sign. I heard King Kong ain’t got shit on me and if you in this Alonzo ass energy you did see the end of the movie, right? How all that manipulation he was pulling off had everybody trying to come after him. Because he only used them for his greater good and had people thinking they was cool when the whole time he was using them to push his misdeeds.

So, I would tread light with this energy if you feel like you on some Queen of Sheba energy especially in the spirit realm because I heard something comes back to bite and not the good kind. Because its giving sheer Saturn in Aquarius energy and that’s giving exile type vibes. Now if this isn’t you this could be what someone is trying to do to you. It feels like a heavy past energy and somebody doesn’t want to face this karma and this is stressing them out because they know they dead wrong. Some for how they treated you, abused you, lied on you, and even stole from you. I heard so, she ain’t gone know anyway when spirit is basically exposing, they ass. And top it off I heard death magic, mind magic, career magic, money magic, and bad luck. This is all this person has been casting over someone life. Capricorn, Virgo, Aquarius, and Gemini. I heard the spiteful twins and can’t forget about Leo.

Some of y’all have a lover who just won’t get over you and it is giving obsession. It's the if you ain’t happy with me you won’t be happy without me and it is toxic as fuck. It's lowkey draining and affecting your health or their health and that’s also a little magic they been sending your ass too. Someone is also mad about some spell work going wrong and they blaming you for a love spell not working on you or them they casted. Someone is also trying to prevent you from being with someone or falling in love with a person too. They are projecting their feelings onto you how they feel about this person you could be dating and it’s giving emotional turmoil. This even leads the family being at odds because these fights always cause massive disagreements.

If you need help say something because someone isn’t communicating their needs at this time and this is causing someone to use social media as a stress release and it may come back to bite you in the ass especially if you saying something to be mean, derogatory, or hateful comments about someone all the time. Now on the other hand some of you have a partner who just simply doesn’t help you or understand your overall emotional needs they feel they love you and they just don’t want to give up on the relationship. So, this person be emotional confused on how to the handle situation so they wait on you to speak up and I think you want them to start making moves that care about you or involve you more. All I know is someone has a lot on their plate at this time and someone is pregnant again for the third damn time.

Also, some of y’all dealing with someone who is emotionally abusive they like to say mean and hurtful things to get a rise out of you. On the other hand, they use your feelings you have for them against you. They think your always supposed to be nice or go along with the flow and this is giving snapped energy. It’s a bit one sided when you think about it somebody need counseling and now because the road y’all going down is hell. I heard do not get a joint bank account and do not tell nobody how much money you making because somebody may try to set you up. Or they may try to get you jammed up in something financially now keep in mind it doesn’t have to be you it could be your partner. Somebody has no financial limits on spending and this could lead you to going broke or on the verge of it. For my married folks y’all got too many secrets and always trying to sabotage each other plans.

For some this may lead to a fall out because one of your friends may fuck your husband and ima leave it at that because they gone end up falling in love with this person and its gone be unrequited too. So, this person is going to be hard to shake and hard to get the hell away from and the gone use spiritualty against them too, to keep his person stuck. So, somebody may feel like they are attracted to someone and the whole-time bitch it’s magic. You may even find some root work that was done on you buy this person and that’s be gone be the cue to get on down. Some of you had a massive falling out with someone and now you are contemplating if you would want to be cool with this person again because this feels like a reoccurring thing with this person.

You said they don’t listen and this person just doesn’t give a damn. And that ex you always thinking about with that could've, should've, would've shit let it go because its giving 7 of pentacles in reversed. The time has surpassed and it gave what it needed to give it’s like you don’t want to recognize this. Because if you did end up back with this person you wouldn't find out they was in relationship until after the fact or they have a lover you don’t know about. For some spirit said this is your fault because you have an ego death you need to go through and you think the world revolves around when it comes to this person. I know its harsh but sometimes we be thinking we got something on lock the whole time somebody has peeped game and learned from it and found love outside of you. I keep saying you can’t screw your way in relationship when you don’t even know the person you fucking on.

If you are in some seeking energy when it comes down to truths watch who you share it with because one of y’all got a gossip queen around you. And I'm not talking about the she fat, they broke, they lost a car, or a house. No this is the repeating real family and life problems to shame you. And they about to be exposed, stay out of the way of that energy it has nothing to do with you. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!



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