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Cancer Monthly Tarot


Overall messages was waiting on the truth, don’t jump to conclusions, studying something that requires your focus, hiding behind your creativity and that could be ego or fear of saying that’s mines, and last but least truth of the matter. Baby either you be lying all the time, or you are around some lying ass people. Good luck with that because that seems nerve wrecking. Songs where r u ok by Tate McRae and Monster by Shawn Mendes.

Controlling, possessive, substances, entities, and lower vibrational things will be revealed to you at this time. I think people think you don’t know your shadow, or they don’t know yours it seems as if possession is running around in the group chat. For some of y’all it has a hold on you or someone you know, and they are very clear about their actions. If it is a love dynamic somebody is fighting for a spot with someone who doesn’t tend on moving out of the way. And I don’t see you budging it’s a battle of the egos, and someone is going to end up hurt. Because this is false friendships and fake allies. Whew, if this ain’t your story please stay the hell out of it. Because it seems as if it will spread like a wildfire before the calm comes in.

Somebody is going through a breakup or separation, and someone feels like they are making a hasty decision. I heard pack your bags because some of y’all are moving and can’t nobody stop you. Because some of y’all are just downright tired of the drama while there is someone who is willing to keep the drama going. Somebody is fighting over a home they trying to buy or sell. Somebody doesn’t know how to make a decision, so they think that they’ll let the competition die off they’ll whine up with the right offer. Someone who you think is loyal to you is going to have you in a lot of drama so buckle up because this time they gone ride off and leave you in it. Now this could be reversed because somebody is looking for a scapegoat.

And I don’t think it is going to go over well with you or someone else in your life. If you don’t have a emotional support animal please get one. Spirit said you need a dog, so you can go on walks some of y’all have been too couped up in the house. If you don’t have kids and trying to have some spirit said you have to start treating your animal like the child, it is. Not babying your animals but setting boundaries, giving them proper rewards i.e., treats, communicating with them effectively. I know it may seem crazy but hey we got to start somewhere and don’t let nobody tell you different this will also help with your heart chakra. For the adult you have a child that is struggling with depression, and they don’t want to seek outside help. You can’t force them but you can establish boundaries.

You are enabling them and then taking it out on them when they come off too needy because you have things to do. Running away from your problems don’t mean you won’t have to face them when you come back. It’s a rich nigga coming in with some money send me some money too. It could just be your baby daddy or a potential suitor. You are becoming to set in your ways with love you either want to work to much or have someone who is accepting of your family. Whoa their nelly who are they dating you or family. If you know your worth add tax and don’t back down, but also know when a deal is a deal.

Somebody scandalous ways are catching back up with them and they are too shame to admit it. If someone broke it off with you, they lying saying they wanted to keep they options open when they been smiling in other people faces. Somebody likes to much attention, they a flirt, and have no boundaries with people in they life. Please go check out the Taurus energy reading because they were in an energy that could come off misleading to other people. I see a business deal or partnership going null and void because somebody owes someone or left them in debt. This could have been from back in the day and somebody not letting that go. I think this person don’t want to talk about how being broke made them feel so they hold their pride with their money.

Its giving grudgey and I somewhat don’t see a problem with that, but if it isolates you from people then you know what you need to do. I don’t see this person doing this intentionally this is just how they act they always do stuff like this so they never thought they would get caught. It’s like the old cartoon movies back in the day when the thief would be running away and the police would shine a light on them and they dropped the jewels and got arrested and the scene went off. As soon as you clear your energy you always allow these conflicting energies to come back in. Now keep in mind, I got a Devil card as the main card so this could be you. Waiting on someone to clear they energy so you can come rushing in taking or causing problems.

The only thing I know it is a lot of drama going around you. Whether it be your friends, or family, career. Hermit mode won’t be so challenging for you give advice if it is needed but don’t overextend yourself. Now keep in mind this can be the opposite, so you don’t take it out on me. Somebody got a lot wisdom on love so don’t go rejecting the help you need. This could be foreign for you to be this happy so don’t go off messing this up. Your insecurities don’t the match the love that your lover receives from you. You underestimate yourself too much.


Keywords: pedestal, number 5, Virgo, Libra, Aquarius, cancer, Pisces, I always have to do this DON’T!


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