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Cancer Monthly Reading


KEYWORDS: clear channel, righting a wrong, conscious effort, lies and mishaps, forward movement, letting go of the past, and time machine.

Now the season of Scorpio may not be your thing right now because someone has a doom and gloom approach to life right now. Because everywhere they turn either something is going bad or someone is calling them out. It is because someone has been running away from their life duties. The song to be exact was Run Away Love so I don't know if this has something to do with childhood wounds. Or you could be having problems with a pregnancy and the child's father/mother isnt of help to you right now. If you look around and watch the video there was an awareness that she knew those people could not help her and someone may not be realizing this. Now, I am not saying pack up and run away from your problems but someone needs to realize that their environment is holding them back. And quite frankly too long it has them doing too much when it comes down to people pleasing other individuals before yourself.

So being selfish right now may not be the best thing for you when it really is. Someone may make you feel bad for not going along with the crowd because they feel like y’all are friends and you just understand. Now this could be some rebels because there is some Anti Government going on and you could’ve be a part of this group back in the day. And these people may be coming along to reconnect when your life is stable or you have some money. To get a plan going that may seem like it's a good fit when it's actually half cocked. Talk about indictments, lawsuits, civil suits, and court arrangements. Could be someone getting charged with looting just as simple as that but it is a set up going on. Someone likes to start a lot of shit and act as if they are down for the cause; it's just when they are in trouble. They like to watch the grid and see who and what they can attach themselves to and you may be that person if you weren’t already.

Now, for others it doesn't have to be that serious. It could be someone that is pulling you into some drama and it doesn't have to do with you. It’s someone that is getting you riled up about something that isn’t true because they know how you feel about a situation or things. Only for you to be in the end like “GIRL BYE”! AND THE GIRL IS GENDER NEUTRAL! It is basically showing you how to get a better handle on your emotions because you have been all over the place. So, with that being said flying solo may look like hanging out with friends but going home, having sex but not looking for connections, avoiding certain phone calls, cutting off how many drinks you can consume, stop being a beacon of light for other people's issues, and learning how not to be a yes man all of the time. With all that being said let's get into this long ass reading.


5 OF PENTACLES: Be mindful of your spending this month because unforeseen purchases may be coming up. I’m hearing credit card fraud so just be aware of placing your wallet down on the table when you're going out for lunch, drinks, and dinners thinking nobody wants to steal from you. You’ll be amazed at what a pretty face and calm demeanor can do to you. For others, someone rich boyfriend may be putting them out on the streets so save your money because them friends you think you got are going to turn on you. So somebody needs to address the real issues because they feel like when you was up and you don't mess with them. And for some this is e case because you was too high on the hog and one these really want some friends. Y’all was on some gold digger shit. Also, don't tell your business to everybody because somebody is going to blast that ish.

TWO OF PENTACLES: Managing time may be a thing for you right now. I think someone is under a lot of pressure to get something done. I’m hearing the word “SURPRISE”! I don’t know if this has something to do with a big event. Being able to handle this situation is bigger managed in increments than taking it on as a whole. Because the ball is going to fall short if it is left in your park alone. I’m not saying that someone is going to miss the date but you are going to be tired if you take on this task alone. Someone may have to hire outside help to get a job done because an employee may be sleeping on the job. Meaning someone is too comfortable with their position that they feel they can challenge your authority on issues that they feel they are good at. So, basically someone is getting to cocky in area where they really are falling and barely managing the task they have. Priorities are a big thing for you right now and weighing the pros and cons would really help on a financial matter. Really it's just learning to stop taking on everyone else's damn responsibilities.

8 OF SWORDS & PAGE CUPS: Someone may be getting out of contract and some people are going to be mad. Because it was bleeding your dry if we are being honest here with the workload and the problems it came with. For others it's time to seek out some other form of employment if you know what I mean. Someone may be getting financially cut off from daddies paycheck for those with rich parents. Send me some money please and tell your daddy to cash app me. Because someone hasn't been doing right with the money and they've been taking care of their friends, bills, debt, cars, loans, and keeping tabs open for people. It’s like you have been showing everybody how you do something and how you can get away with it. To the point you have these people so accustomed into thinking they can do it too. And now the sole responsibility is to leave you with the debt because mama and daddy got it. Now, for others, someone needs a nanny and they need a nanny badly. Because someone may have some form of exhaustion and fatigue going on. Now, this could be a maid but preferably one of y’all need a live-in maid if we are being honest. And some of y’all isn't too fond of that because mister earl used to be cheating back in the day. Girl, do you want the help or not? Doing a background check, keeping it low key on what it is you are looking for and stop looking for friends and allow someone to do their job you can get the help you need. If theft is a problem place cameras in hidden places and tell them when they sign a contract that they are being recorded. It doesn't have to be on them but where you place your values at. All ima say is there are a lot of ways you negotiate things to go in your favor but you are in your emotions. So, when you come down and reread this again which I know you will, you take this with a grain of salt. Bye. Bye!



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