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Cancer Monthly Reading


KEYWORDS: Bryson Tiller Don’t, naughty girl, focus, awareness, mental health awareness, spiritual reveal, allergies, checks ups, doctors' appointments, animal shelter, Just Be a Man-by Toni Braxton schoolteacher, and chaos magic.

Spiritual debt is coming up and it is tethered to a past life or a soul mission you opted for into this lifetime. This has something to do with a soul retrieval, lost energy, or someone was a twin and one of the other didn’t make it and made a spiritual split happen. Someone has made a pact or plea with something or someone and they have to pay this debt. Now this could be on the 3-D or this could be in the spiritual world. Someone has been harvesting energy off of someone's sacral chakra, throat chakra, and solar plexus and this is causing a sickness in the body. It's like someone has been getting energy from other people to give to this man or being. Now this could be sex, someone maybe having sex with someone who energetically depletes them, so they have to pull from many people just to charge because of their counterpart or sexual partner.

And for some of you, you are sick of this shit because someone isn't pleased with themselves or this person. Now this could be a sexual appetite someone has or just a person who is never satisfied. I'll be mindful in these streets because you may meet someone who says they are of God or sent from God and this mother lover is definitely from the Devil or another energy realm. This maybe someone who is trying to get you to open or access some form of a portal and it gives no good vibes. This person may be trying to access information or a closer connection to the Divine, but it may throw off your equilibrium. For some of you this person sees the divinity in others, so they find ways to exploit these people, gifts, or talents. And it looks like somebody thinks you are ripe for picking if you know what I mean.

If you are person who struggle with the underworld such as; drugs, sex, money, and other worldly things that has ran your life this is somebody that is fina take you right back. But this time it feels like a binding, it doesn’t have to be magic, but it feels like life consuming and time consuming. If you are trying to go forward let's just say this energy is something that will have you going against the grain and bieng at war with yourself. And for some you are starting to look at other people crazy because it has already gotten some of your friends. It gives me the energy of drink the Kool Aid we all did as they all stare with beady eyes and darkness in their soul. It may not be like that but it’s showing me that one episode off of Grim and Mandy when she got to visit hell.

And this isn’t your type of party or crowd, so I think it’s time we wrap this shit up and keep it moving baby. Because it’s really giving just trade places with me and I'm talking about a soul debt that someone is trying to push off onto someone. Didn’t nobody tell them to go off playing with shit they wasn’t supposed to be touching anyway. Knowing your worth is something you are supposed to be coming into anyway. This could be with love, support, what you want to heal, what you need to focus on, and what it is that you need to change to embody this Oshun energy. I don’t know if someone just had surgery, but someone needs to take their time. If you are thinking about getting plastic surgery you don’t have to take the first plastic surgeon there is, shop around.

Just because they are cheap doesn’t mean they are good and just because it’s cheap doesn’t mean it’s bad you just have to keep looking. Have you figured out what your ideal goal is for your body or are you just winging it. I mean you can draw inspiration from anyone but it’s your body you're going to have to be comfortable with it, not us. Now, for others someone may be sick and not telling it because they feel like they have to keep this strong appearance up because they don’t want people to see them sweat or break a sweat. Girl, if you don’t let folks help you. About to pass out because you are trying to do too many things at once because you feel like if you stop moving you are going to die. No, you're not there's a difference in saying I’m going to allow someone to help me versus giving up.

For others who have been keeping it a secret someone has already picked up on it intuitively that something is wrong but they ain’t saying nothing because you or they don’t want to cross someone’s boundaries. Whoever this is they can keep a secret. This maybe become a confidant or a trusted 3rd party that you can confide in when things get rough in your life. It's really giving friends vibes and I like that and let me tell something all the readings I have been doing ain’t been nothing but folks hating. Your support may come in different ways, you just have to be open to it. For those who have been having conflict or disagreements with family I see someone finally coming of age. When a child becomes an adult and is ready to go out into the real world.

Somebody finally coming around to the idea that they can’t be everything for everybody because they need to be there for themselves. You may be having a conversation with kinfolks and telling them you can’t handle certain things anymore and you fear that their response will make you regret it, but they are ready. It's like this energy exchange you have been having with people is mutual because some of them are ready to change too. Now, it doesn’t have to be massive, but they are ready to shift some things around because they have felt they have been a burden for you. Especially if you have been responsible for others. It may seem indifferent to you because you are breaking out of routines but prepare for the soul showers to come in. The days you cry because you didn’t know how much you had to release from carrying everybody but you.


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