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Cancer Monthly Reading


KEYWORDS: differences in opinions, Superstitious by Stevie Wonder, Poison by Bell Biv Devoe, what if, what can do to change the situation, this doesn’t make sense, catching onto lies, drama getting out of hands, focused on the truth, Superstar by Usher, and Caught up By Usher.

When the tower comes crumbling down? If you haven't been paying attention you are going to be looking like a dear in head lights. It's like everybody is packing up and getting the hell out of dodge and you are the only one standing trying to figure out what when went wrong in a situation. I don’t know if you have been on autopilot mentally but when you snap back in reality it's like what have I done syndrome. And whoever has done something has triggered many events and have everyone wanting to get the hell out the way. It could be fearing the consequences, going to jail, or not wanting to get fired. Because corporate maybe coming through doing a clean sweep and not letting up on a lot of people and this has some people so scared, they willing to quit.

It could be because they don’t the boss to know what they have done and its giving sneaky energy. If you have any siblings or kids, it's like the mama getting off work and finding her kids cleaning up and she thinks they are so well mannered. This has been going on for a while and one day you are going to catch them in the act because some people haven't been so nice. They have been hiding they good deeds behind fake smiles and enviousness and it's just now starting to come to the light. Your wins aren’t they wins and you're starting to see that you have been really rooting for them and their only around because they benefit off of you. This may even bring somebody to tears because this person may have even gone so far to poison you, your investments, money, finance, and love life. Leaving you with a spirit of doubt and even emotional confusion because the betrayal runs so deep that it may startled you.

Spirit said you gone bounce back but you gone have to do it quietly and you have been in your ego this may hurt because you may feel like you got a point to prove. Somebody always running to you for advice even in a doubtful sense spirit said let them figure it out on they own. Because how do they put you on a high pedestal and at the same time doubt your gifts and ability to get something done. Whoever this scam artist is you have finally caught them in the act of stealing money, signing your name on legal contracts, and also energy harvesting off of you. This could be a private eye catching you or someone who has wronged you, and they want give up until they get the truth. This person has been playing hide and go seek and it has been hard to catch them in the act of their mischievous acts.

Also, this person is only around for finances and they be pocket watching like a mother fucker too. They feel like everything of yours should be theirs and why you can’t help them out. Even if they cheat on you, use you, and mislead you. They feel like you know what's up, Pisces had this same thing going on. This person may even go so far as to checking someone bank accounts, check stubs, and calling debit cards. (I heard Leo and Aquarius). They been doing this behind your back how you think they know what you spend your money on. You maybe hacked and don’t even know it. How you think and why you think these individuals keeps popping up just because.

Girl it isn't that much love in the world you must be high, or under the influence all the time. It’s your close friends, the ones you call bestie, and a lover. This person is in and entitled energy because they been doing it and want to keep up this charade of acts, they have going on. They may even go so far as to saying they want to be in relationship with you while at the same time they might be screwing someone else. And someone close to you at that even your best friend, cousin, sibling, or parent. This person knows no bounds. Spirit said this person may have a hot stick and you need to watch out for this because they maybe in an open relationship and trying to be in a relationship with you. Only for security purposes maybe you pay all of your bills, keep the lights on, and keep food in the fridge. They only use you for stability reasons.

And this sucks for some it maybe a sexual affair and this person doesn’t want anything more than that so don’t get your feelings involved. Because your expectations may not be met when the king of Wands in reversed, King of Cups in reversed, and the 3 of cups upright. It's like they feed off of your confidence or energy you can't be happy without this person trying to come in and get some. Its giving succubus energy and they may be trying to mirror you to the point that they even disgust themselves trying to please you. And this is going to lead some hurt feelings because they true self is going to show it's over with.

Some of y’all saying this not even worth the hassle that comes with this shit. Y'all have to different belief systems. If you are happy with family they want mischief, they point out every flaw in everyone but they own, and they are an agent of chaos. Whether that is spiritually activated or just trauma activated. It's giving it's my party I can cry if I want to and this is an everyday thing. It leaves everyone burning in chaos and always heated. If they are sad you are supposed to sad, if they happy they feel like fuck your feelings be happy because I am, and I think your starting to recognize how insensitive this person is. Because it separates you from your friends, coworkers, lovers, and overall happiness.

You wonder why people be so closed off to you when you have the monster around you and everybody sees it but you. Damn, spirit. And they feel like if we just tell the truth and put it all out on the table then it will go away and we get back to falling in love. What type of emotional, mentally, psychical, and spiritual abuse is this. For some you gone take the option and give it another go because you haven't learned the lesson yet. It could be love, how people love you, or your need to be loved. Somebody is going to end this by this saying I see why the past stay in the damn past.



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